Mohu Channels Rolls Massive Update, Resumes Shipping

Dave Zatz —  July 17, 2014


After something of a rocky launch, Mohu Channels shipping will resume for Kickstarter backers. Tuning and heat-related issues in the Android-powered, cord cutting widget were not hardware-based and have been resolved via software adjustments:

The issue was caused by noise induced on the signal path from the tuner front end as it traveled to the processor. The problem was resolved by changing the frequency of the intermediate carrier to a less susceptible frequency.

The Electronic Program Guide, which is the information collected from the OTA broadcast signal for the program lineup on each channel, would stick in an endless loop, causing the microprocessor to overwork

Further, beta time shifting is a go!

Timeshifting functionality has been implemented and requires a USB flash drive inserted into the Channels device’s USB slot. This provides play, fast forward and pausing for up to 30 minutes. Please note, this is not intended to function as a full-featured DVR.

Strangely, Mohu’s update mechanism either isn’t ready or is insufficient for this task as users are asked to sideload the new software using USB or mail their units back (free of charge) for an upgrade. Regardless, we commend Mohu on their quick response and clear communication. Both the software update and shipping are expected to get going early next week. With our very own Adam Miarka anxiously awaiting his backer unit.

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  1. I would like to say something…but I do not have my Mohu Channels…yet. :-D