Microsoft To Revamp OneDrive Logo?

Dave Zatz —  July 9, 2014


Microsoft OneDrive iconography will shortly be refreshed, if this trademark filing is any indication. Alternatively, Ed Bott wonders if this logo might represent a subset of OneDrive functionality – perhaps hybrid clouds, for example. Building upon the existing OneDrive logo, the three-bump background cloud is replaced by a stylized two-bump cloud profile network cable moving from background to foreground, better visualizing a virtual storage service. This follows (forced) re-branding from “SkyDrive” along with a massive storage increase for Office 365 subscribers and updated mobile apps as they attempt to expand their footprint and woo folks, such as myself, away from Dropbox and Google Drive.

8 responses to Microsoft To Revamp OneDrive Logo?

  1. As an Office 365 subscriber with unlimited FiOS bandwidth, I should probably take advantage of my 1TB OneDrive…

  2. “As an Office 365 subscriber with unlimited FiOS bandwidth, I should probably take advantage of my 1TB OneDrive…”

    Beware! Unlike you, I immediately recognized the new logo as suggestive of potato salad, not a “cloud”. (Why would a “cloud” be relevant, anyway? You can’t eat a “cloud”.) So I immediately tried to upload a batch of potato salad to OneDrive in order to have it accessible on mobile devices. But again, beware! The bugs are not even close to being worked out. All the procedure did was clog up and destroy my router.

    So I think I’ll stop potato salad commenting. It’s now obvious to me that the fabled “internet of things” is just meaningless hype, not reality.

  3. How do you get 1TB of storage? I use Office 365 but I only have around 50GB of storage. Unless something has changed recently. But I also use Amazon cloud sotrage and Google cloud storage since all three automatcially back up my files and pitures from my cell phone and tablet.

  4. And I just double checked. I still only have 50GB of total storage with my One Drive. I pay yearly for my Office 365 subscription. How do I get the 1TB of storage?

  5. I believe Office 365 space is getting upgraded over time. We have it at work and still have the 25GB cap.

    They need to differentiate the two separate OneDrive offerings: OnDrive (consumer) and OneDrive for Business. The icons are too similar and sometimea are the same color!

    We’re rolling out OneDrive for Business at work, along with some Windows 8 pilots that include OneDrive (personal). I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had to have to explain the friggin difference between the two.

  6. It’s not too late to bring me on… I can help. ;) Related, why does my Venue Pro fan keep running?

  7. We could use some help…

    Yeah, the Venue 11 Pro has proven to be a piece of crap. Fan runs almost constantly. Charging port fails. SmartCard reader unreliable. Ugh.

  8. I see my One Drive storage is now showing up as over 1TB being available .Not sure when it showed up though. I was checking to see why they did credit my account yet for the cancellation of additional storage. It’s been three weeks and my AMEX card is not showing the credit. With the 1TB of storage frm Office 365 there is no need to pay for additional storage.