Google Fiber Hardware Refresh Detailed


Google Fiber beta invites are rolling out, shedding light on upcoming hardware consolidation. Via kcjak:

Just got an email from Google Fiber saying we’ve been selected into their test program. Test includes replacement of the hardware, which will combine the network box and storage box into a single unit, as well as upgrade of WIFI to 802.11ac. New Google Fiber app, as well, but currently supported only on Android platform.

We’re not entirely surprised as we’d previously documented incoming TV Box updates and recently stumbled upon this public image – picturing, for the first time, the v2 extender in the lower left. But cramming the Google Fiber router and television hub into a single, refreshed Storage Box is news, perhaps shedding light on Google’s ongoing service intentions.

In other Google Fiber news, lineup changes are upon us. The SEC Network launches in Kansas City and Provo August 14th. Further, it appears secondary ESPN channels are moving into the Sports Plus package.

4 thoughts on “Google Fiber Hardware Refresh Detailed”

  1. ……. and hopefully the V2 Extender will work with other systems than Google Fiber so us loyal SageTV users (still the best HTPC software by a “Google” miles) can get new boxes as our old SageTV HD100’s, 200’s, and 300’s start dying.

  2. Sage was the best dvr software out there (way better than Microsoft media center) and most folks never got a chance to realize it. My heart still hurts from Google buying them out.

  3. Dave, you are a dream killer. ;) Since there is about a 0% chance of me seeing Google Fiber anywhere I live, either my home, or camp my only hope is to have Google give “the rest of us” an updated SageTv Extender.

    Gustovier: Sage still *IS* by far the best DVR software!

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