Save With Xbox One Costco Bundle

Dave Zatz —  June 24, 2014


Should you be in the market for an Xbox One, Costco may have the deal for you… assuming that you’re a member of the warehouse shopping club. For just $50 above retail, the online Xbox One bundle includes a year of Xbox Live Gold, an additional controller, and Forza 5. Of course, the Xbox One isn’t exactly a bargain, with or without Kinect – which I’ve found to be of limited value. But if you were already in the market for Microsoft’s full monty, this is a pretty good proposition.

6 responses to Save With Xbox One Costco Bundle

  1. The Sam’s Club deal looks to be better especially since you can pricematch at Best Buy. Sam’s Club through 6/25 has the XB1 with Kinect and Forza for $429. If you PM at Best Buy, you might also score the copy of Ghosts they are giving out with purchase of the XB1 this week.

    Personally I bought and returned the XB1. I had giftcards burning a whole in my pocket so I picked it up because of the sale price, prior to Ghosts. I returned it the next day. None of the demos were enough for me to keep the system. It also doesn’t help there is next to nothing on the release calender anytime soon I can’t get on PC which I prefer to play on except for certain game types.

  2. Cool, thanks for the tip – here’s the Sam’s Club deal:

    Costco’s may be a bit better if you want that extra controller and assuming everyone needs Xbox Gold Live. As for me, I picked up Xbox One on impulse when Titanfall was released. Had a blast playing that game with my free month of Gold. Since then, it’s been boxed up in the basement waiting for the next thing. COD?

  3. Sunset Overdrive was the only thing console exclusive I was looking forward to, but I have heard rumors of a PC port. I was also interested in UFC, but the demo sucked.

  4. The S1im Reaper June 24, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    hahahaha… its hilarious how much you dont know what your talking about.

    “None of the demos were enough for me to keep the system”
    – Brennok

    This has to be the dumbest reason to return a console I have ever seen! First of all a demo does no game justice, because you are only getting a taste of a much larger experience. Second there are litterally dozens of games already slated to come out over the course of the next year, many of which are exculsive to xbox. get out of here with you PC master race bull

  5. Let’s keep it civil, please.

  6. Why would I pay for a console now when there isn’t a single game I want? It has nothing to do with PC master race, which is funny since I have owned just about every console. I can just as easily wait for a price drop when there is actually a full library to play. You don’t buy electronics for what they can do in the future. You buy them for what they can do now.

    And when those dozens of games that are Xbox exclusive come out, I will reconsider the console. I must have missed them though at E3 since I didn’t see dozens.