Mohu Channels Now Shipping (with time shifting to come)


By way of Mohu (and Twitter), we’ve learned that the latest cord cutting device is now shipping to all 1200 Kickstarter backers. Mohu Channels is basically a small Android box with built-in OTA tuner, thus merging over-the-air television with online video (and other web content). And in response to early feedback, some compelling new items on the roadmap…

Future backer-requested updates will include OTA Time-Shifting, 5.1 Dolby Pass-Through, USB side-loading, and Android/iOS remote control apps.

Not sure if we’re talking full-fledged DVR capabilities or perhaps a smaller buffer to pause TV for bathroom breaks and commercial skipping. Either way, this tidbit of news significantly improves Channels’ value proposition. We’ve yet to receive our tracking number, but are primed to put Mohu Channels through its paces and advise if you should partake in the second production run slated for third quarter delivery at $150 a pop.

2 thoughts on “Mohu Channels Now Shipping (with time shifting to come)”

  1. Adam dug this up on the Kickstarter forum:

    Pause any OTA channel for up to 30 minutes and playback or fast-forward what you were watching.

    Given the size of the buffer, I assume this will use whatever internal storage they ship with. Wonder if they’re considering full-on DVR via USB storage? I start “work” a little too early and haven’t yet heard back from Mohu’s PR reps this morning. Will provide more intel as I get it.

  2. Heard back from Mohu’s PR rep – it IS the 30 minute buffer some of us had already known about (not I). So not a full-fledged DVR, but still pretty compelling for bathroom breaks and building up that buffer to skip commercials during live prime time programming for example. Had been pushing Boxee to implement this in their Cloud DVR, and believe it was on the roadmap, before they were acquired and moved on from this product.

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