Deal of the Day: Refurb Roku 3 @ $62

Dave Zatz —  June 18, 2014


Roku Mania has returned to Woot with three refurb streamer models up for grabs. Of course, we’d suggest the no-comprise Roku 3 – that clocks in at a record low $62. Per Woot’s standard operating procedure, all orders ship for 5 bucks… regardless of how many Roku’s you stick in your cart. Roku remains our go-to streamer, ahead of our Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One, featuring the widest array of apps along with a quick, clean user interface. (Thanks Adam!)

3 responses to Deal of the Day: Refurb Roku 3 @ $62

  1. Any compelling reason to upgrade to Roku 3 from the Roku 2 (XLS? – has ethernet jack) besides the headphone connection on the remote?

  2. Dual band WiFi and much faster processor. Usually gets apps first too, like YouTube. But I’m not sure if that’s compelling enough to make the move. I gave my old Roku to my mom to partially justify my upgrade and I’ve been very pleased. But I bought near release and who knows what’s in the pipeline…

  3. Sweet!! I might pick one up to replace one of my Roku2 boxes. I already have a Roku 3 in my main setup, so it would be nice to put one in my secondary setup.