Amazon Smartphone Passes Thru The FCC


While we’re still an hour away from Amazon’s smartphone reveal, what I believe to be their Android-powered handset just passed thru the FCC. We don’t have much to go on other than a shell company and my successful track record in turning up Lab126 products ahead of launch. Beyond the label, identifying the unnamed smartphone as the SD4930UR, documents indicate it features a variety of wireless frequencies (as you’d expect) – including multiple LTE and WiFi bands, along with Bluetooth. Amidst rumors of AT&T exclusivity, the device will supposedly possess a number of front-facing detectors to work in conjunction with an accelerometer for new methods of interaction and perhaps 3D viewing. We’ll find out shortly…

19 thoughts on “Amazon Smartphone Passes Thru The FCC”

  1. “…and perhaps 3D viewing. We’ll find out shortly…”

    You can obviously tell that they’ve included 3D from that schematic. Especially note the “Back of the device” wording. They wouldn’t need that for 2D.

  2. Ha, funny. Or weird. When I was at Sling a million years ago, because it wasn’t ready and to keep the bloggers on their toes, the manual that was sent thru was of the prior generation product.

  3. “Curiously enough, that model number would also appear to belong to the original Kindle Fire.”

    Definitive evidence the phone will be 4D, thus allowing for effortless time travel. This could be a real game changer.

  4. Actually, i think I am wrong. I find mentions of this model number, but it appears to be attached to a generic reference to Kindle Fire, not the first one specifically.

    Some of the Google search results are only weeks old.

  5. Nate, some of those references appear to be benchmarks probably run and submitted by employees testing handsets. If only we’d known the number sooner…

  6. “I’m a Kindle owner and a Prime member. No interest in Fire Phone.”

    The included personal drone doesn’t even vaguely pique your interest?

  7. ATT only? No deal. If I could use it with Verizon then I would consider it. But I’m not about to lose my $70 a month plan(after taxes) with unlimted data and texts.

  8. I just looked at the specs. I wouldn’t get this phone anyway. Not with a smaller 4.7″ screen and only 720P. That would be going backwards from what I have now. This Amazon phone would have been nice two or three years ago. But only1280x720P and only 4.7″ doesn’t cut it for me in 2014.

  9. I’ve been waiting for years for a supposedly low cost phone from Amazon. I got the Republic Wireless Moto X back in November and have been reasonably happy with it. I figured that they would take some sort of cue from that and throw in free streaming of Amazon content on an inexpensive contract.

    I would have tossed my Moto X and gotten it, never looking back. But what does this phone give me? A big ATT contract vs $13 from republic and no Google play store? How arrogant is that? What is the target audience?

    I’m glad I didn’t wait. I hope my next Republic phone has a sd slot so I don’t have to stream and pay for a big data contract that I don’t need!

  10. expensive monthly plans – single line $65+taxes for unlimited talk/text with only 1GB data.

    plus the $40 activation fee (which most carriers don’t charge anymore).

  11. I love the Amazon ecosyste. But since switching to pure Android with my Nexus tablets, I dumped the several Fire HD tablets i had. I just can’t go back to that UI.

    I use Amazon daily for listening to my music stored on my amazon cloud drive, I store all my pictures and videos there too, watch Amazon Prime streaming, plus order items regularly from the online store.

    But Amazon would need to give this phone to me for free, with zero monthly fees, for me to even consider using it. it’s just too much of step backwards for me. Plus being only on ATT is a huge negative.

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