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Share Your Vudu Movies

We’ve long pined for the day we could legitimately share our legally acquired digital content, similar to how we often recycle physical media, without piracy or loaning out HBO credentials as so many do. Well, the UltraViolet consortium, consisting of a large number of movie studios, obviously sees some value in keeping their customers happy — perhaps as a way to cut down on theft and grow their digital ecosystem. And Walmart’s Vudu is the first provider to implement their new licensing.

Share My Movies by Vudu allows us to grant access to our cloud-based video library to five others. And, instead of messing with passwords and the like, invites are handed out via email address – as similarly implemented on Slingbox. This makes me a whole heck of a lot more more likely to purchase Blu-rays (with digital copies), knowing I can have my mom tune into any worthy flicks via her Roku. As we saw with UltraViolet’s disc-to-digital initiative, I anticipate other UltraViolet services like Flixster and Target Ticket will eventually offer similar sharing capabilities.

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  • Yeah, what's interesting is that UltraViolet was the "powered by" behind the scenes tech but they've started launching services under their own brand/name essentially ... the site "Beta" moniker is cute considering Vudu, Target, Flixster, CinemaNow, Sony are well beyond beta. But it's probably been a source of confusion for some. (Will TiVo ever do UV?)

  • I find that TiVo's lacking of Vudu / UV is only second to lacking streaming Amazon. The combo of Netflix / Amazon / Vudu covers 99% of online content for me personally. Right now I switch to Xbox (360 or One) to watch anything other than Netflix which is unfortunate. On the other hand the Xbox One has everything except my TiVo content. Where is my universal box again?

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