Netflix to expand…

Dave Zatz —  May 21, 2014

netflix-bwlogoIn a pair of back to back public communiqués this week, Netflix has announced their intentions to expand both their geographic coverage and programming breadth. First, at a finance conference, CFO David Wells indicates the streaming service will “expand the content library meaningfully” via additional “four- and five-star” video — which has been Netflix’s biggest knock and why I’ve been more reliant on the effectively free Amazon Instant Prime streaming in recent months. Beyond, content and as expected, Netflix will increase its European footprint to include Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg later this year.

3 responses to Netflix to expand…

  1. @Dave – Speaking of streaming….what do you think of the Virtual Joey for PS3? Gives TiVo something to aim at with a TiVo Virtual Mini application.

    Virtual Joey allows you to seamlessly tap into your Hopper using your PS3 without additional wires or boxes. The app communicates with Hopper over your home Ethernet connection, providing an easier, clutter-free way to watch your favorite shows, live sports, thousands of On Demand titles, and DVR recordings.”

  2. Yeah, we blogged the Virtual Joey from CES, even grabbing video of it running on an LG HDTV and a PS4:

    TiVo could do similar and perhaps their Roku mockups foreshadow some sort of subscription app:

    But they’re not known for speedy development…

  3. “Netflix will increase its European footprint to include Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg later this year.”

    Why does Netflix continue its hateful campaign of anti-Dutchitism?

    I mean, if you’re doing Benelux, isn’t someone missing?


    Speaking of the Netflix footprint:

    So, I know they signed a peering deal with FiOS, to go along with their peering deal with Comcast. So, why is Netflix still so lousy on FiOS, compared to the more reliable OTT services?

    Has the agreement yet to be implemented? Or is this as good as it gets?