Meet Giik, Thoughtful Mobile Accessories

Dave Zatz —  May 28, 2014


Meet giik, a new line of thoughtful mobile accessories by geeky road warriors such as ourselves. While you can find similar products from both well known manufactures and inexpensive imports, the folks behind giik up the ante as each widget features “+1” capabilities — so that headphone splitter also supports dual mics and the aux car cable brings speakerphone capabilities.


giik, pronounced “geek” not gick, devices ship with a 1-2 year warranty and are currently available via Amazon, Fry’s, and direct from the company.

2 responses to Meet Giik, Thoughtful Mobile Accessories

  1. They do when the hard to read and badly designed product website of the month award…

    but some of their products are very expensive compared to same products already on the market. Then again if they last a lot longer and will survive life longer it might be worth it.

  2. Yeah, that was my comment to them – website is pretty awful. Hard to believe you can make an online store look that bad in 2014. Whoever Volusion is should be avoided.