10 thoughts on “Mari Interviews TiVo at The Cable Show”

  1. “Bullet points for us who can’t watch? What was the answer to the roku?”

    All new Roamio’s come with a built-in Roku that responds to the TiVo remote control and intelligently assumes and releases the HDMI signal!

    Shipping tomorrow!

  2. Thumbs up and down slides about TV Everywhere. I couldn’t watch. Painful and such a waste of time. Then they didn’t have time to get to the point. Dear Lord.

    Reminds me of presentations tech people give to 60 year old VP’s. Do any real tech type people actually work at TiVo?

    How did TiVo get to be like this? Were they like this in the early days?

  3. Possibly related, I’d guess the audience is mostly industry peers and potential (cable) customers – not individuals like us. Here’s the session summary for reference. I mainly ran the video because it’s our very own Mari and we obviously have decent interest in TiVo, not because it was an amazing or revealing presentation on the company’s part. Although the grabbing of On Demand shows via a Season Pass is interesting and possibly dovetails with their content bookmarking patent filing.

    More videos from The Cable Show at the below link – there’s at least three more from Mari’s session. The ESPN one isn’t up yet – last year that was one of the better presentations, although they put up a different speaker for 2014. (And 12 minutes isn’t enough time for any of these guys.)


    Also, check out that stage furniture – looks like those plastic wicker sets from Home Depot or Target. Had similar in my prior home’s sunroom.

  4. I’m a big TiVo fan. But I’m beginning to think it’s ONLY because they ARE the only game in town. It’s just always SO disappointing whenever I hear people from TiVo talk. There’s what I’D like/dream of TiVo and then there’s the reality. TiVo eventually GETS there, but it’s usually about 2 to 3 years after I’m there (and sometimes everyone else, too).

    Mari seemed WAY too intelligent and knowledgeable for this conversation. I’d MUCH rather he just sat there and be quiet, while Mari talked about TiVo and maybe occasionally asked for his input or confirmation.

  5. Hm, for years Mari and I have threatened to start a podcast. Beyond time constraints, we figured we’d bore people to death. Maybe we’ll revisit the idea. :)

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