Amazon Fire TV Lands Its First Update

Dave Zatz —  May 3, 2014


Just a few short weeks after launch, Amazon has rolled out their first Fire TV update. Sadly it doesn’t include expanded voice search functionality, an updated Netflix app, or Prime browsing (as promised). In fact, Amazon has yet to even update their support page with new software versioning. So we’re left to assume this is merely a minor maintenance release… but pleased to see the new platform is worthy of Amazon’s ongoing development.

5 responses to Amazon Fire TV Lands Its First Update

  1. By the by, the $99 Fire TV’s HDMI-CEC has been a pleasant surprise — it’s too bad my $250 TiVo Mini on the same television doesn’t offer comparable skills to flip focus.

  2. Hdmi-CEC is the first thing I turn off in a device.

    I looked for the update yesterday but my FireTV did not show one available.

    What about the Amazon Cloud Music Player? Has that showed up yet?

  3. I checked my FireTV again tonight. I see now why I don’t have a new update. The version you listed is the same version I already have on my launch FireTV from BestBuy. I purchased it on April 5th and this update was installed on April 15th for my box.

    So now I wonder why I’ve had this version for two and a half weeks while you only just received it

  4. Making Amazon’s linked support note even more inaccurate?

    I’d guess they’re both staggering and testing their update process.

  5. I think a bigger question is when are they going to add more apps. This list is the same since day one.