Local Libraries Lend Roku Hardware, Stream Content

Dave Zatz —  April 14, 2014


As the once humble library continues its digital metamorphosis, a few outposts have begun lending actual Roku streaming boxes. And, starting this week, residents of Sandusky, Ohio will have 12 units to pick from. Given the small number of boxes versus anticipated interest, library patrons will be able to borrow a single Roku just once for up to two weeks. Units will be pre-loaded by staff with a variety of channels, from multiple genres, including IndieFlix, Vevo, and Smithsonian. All in all, not a bad preview service funded by a local foundation. Related, later this year, OverDrive will be launching a Roku channel that enables library partners to offer their patrons audio books and streaming videos.

One response to Local Libraries Lend Roku Hardware, Stream Content

  1. really!?!? You still need a decent internet connection for the streaming. And you can get a low end Roku for only $40.