TiVo Spring Update Nearly Ready To Roll

Dave Zatz —  March 27, 2014


Via TiVo VP Margret Schmidt, we learn TiVo is poised to deploy a “Spring Update” to Roamio, Premiere, and Mini hardware – possibly beginning “late next week.” The DVR maker is once again going with a staggered release and if you’d like to be first, register your boxes here. And, for the first time in eons, I gots nothing on this one – your guess is as good as mine. I’m hopeful we’ll collectively be in for a fun surprise rather than this merely being a minor maintenance release not worthy of mention via my traditional channels. As previously discussed, a highly reliable source has indicated an improved Amazon Instant experience is in the works but it’s looking like June is the current target for Android streaming support. What are you hoping for?

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  1. So, we should remember this is a TiVo OS update, not a tablet / phone app update. So obviously Android support and adding LTE streaming would not be included.

    Amazon Prime streaming would be possible, but I am not sure they really would “need” an OS release for that either. And if they did need to do housekeeping to support it, we know the actual app release would be a fast follower, not enabled on day 1.

    – I do think we will see a consistent UI presentation between the Mini and Roamio line.
    – I am hoping to see some stream enhancements to improve stability.
    – definitely some minor bug fixes
    – foundation work to support future features and MSO customers

    Really, unless they bring architectural changes to stream – I am expecting a non event during this release. At least on day one.

    I do think Amazon Prime is immanent, but I do not think it will be done in conjunction with a “release”

  2. Scott, no we cannot necessarily assume that. The mobile OS software works hand in hand with the TV-based hardware. For example, the Stream and Roamio will need updates to allow the greater bitrate range of transcoding (to meet Apple’s requirements for cellular streaming). For Android, they’ll probably have to similarly repackage, on the boxes, the outgoing stream to overcome whatever security and technical issues they’ve been wrestling with. Probably some Amazon hooks required in the set-top framework, versus an app riding on top, given my assumption they will similarly leverage DIAL as they have with YouTube and Netflix. But I agree with your Day 1 premise – this housekeeping would occur X period of time ahead of the functionality being flipped on via STB app deployment, mobile app update, etc.

    We know they’ve looked at additional columns in the display and other small tweaks of the UI wouldn’t surprise me – we’ve also been told the Mini would ultimately share the Roamio’s look and feel (with RCN possibly having lobbied TiVo to bring the same to Premiere – but that could take longer due to the ancient platform and simple prioritization).

  3. A finished HD UI.

  4. Amazon Prime. The ability to initiate a transfer of a show from one box to another via the Mini (really just for TiVO To Go). Asynchronous rendering meaning show me the damn menu–don’t wait for all the little icons to be ready to paint.

  5. Stability fixes, Amazon Prime, HBOGO and better Tivo Desktop support but I think only the first two will happen.

  6. The things I want to see still are things we won’t get. The ability to use the Stream or built in Stream on the Roamio Plus/Pro to transcode shows before transferring to the PC. An improved My Shows list since with 3TB it can be tough to find content. A new TiVo Desktop that takes advantage of the iOS functionality. Netflix streaming that takes better advantage of the hard drive. Support for Plex or the ability to stream from a PC.

  7. UltraViolet Service
    VuDu would be great , but I’d be happy with any of the UVVU compatible streaming services. This would let me remove other streaming boxes from my system and enable a one remote solution for my wife who can’t figure out how to change the inputs. If the cable cos. block it from coming to their customers, it’ll be awesome to provide to the OTA customers. I know it isn ‘t going to happen, but it’s fun to dream .

  8. Probably, more discovery. Seems things are moving in that direction.

  9. I would like to see tivo add the REDBOX app!

  10. I’m hoping for automated posts to Twitter and Facebook of what you’re watching, non-opt-out-able. If you don’t link your accounts, TiVo can just create new accounts based on your account billing name.

    Plus, more obtrusive ads would be appreciated. I’ve always thought 3/4 screen live video commercials would work well over a paused recording.

  11. Actually, going from the previously announced timeline, the spring ’14 update is supposed to bring drones, satellites, and lasers, right?

  12. Chunky: That was hilarious.

  13. “A finished UI” is such a Red Herring issue anymore. It is just the setting pages and doesn’t impact usability at all.

    If we are dreaming! I would love a refreshed TiVo desktop that brings stream capability to the PC browser and a modernized mechanism (MRS) for watching videos from a local network share.

    I do expect an update to the Opera Browser to support Operas new distribution system and if I understand the marketing – HLS support.

  14. I’d love an updated iOS app that was way more useful. Would love to automatically set certain shows to transfer over to my iOS device. I’d also like for downloads to happen in the background. It’s ridiculous to have to have the app open and in the forefront for it to download. I understand apple doesn’t want battery drain. They could set it up so that transfers only happen when the phone is plugged into an outlet.

  15. Jack, those are IOS app changes, not TIVo OS changes. Yes, some services may have been developed to support future enhancements, but IOS changes are a completely separate development cycle.

  16. My dream is somehow this update disables the stupid Time Warner setting that prevents me from downloading my shows to my iPad to watch when I travel. I’ll settle for an updated Amazon Prime experience though :o)

  17. Consistent HDUI across all screens, Amazon Prime, Ultraviolet support, ability to season pass upcoming highly prompted shows before the 10 day window like The 100 or Resurrection etc

  18. Having recently switched from SDUI on an original Series 3 to HDUI on a Roamio Pro, I really miss the ability to use channel up/down to quickly flip through episodes of a particular show. Why must I always first go back to the episode list in order to select the next episode? Maybe the update will finally fix this?

    The mobile app should allow this too — maybe swipe left/right to go to the next/previous episode…

  19. DLNA player

  20. It’s simple I want the updated Roamio UI on my Premieres and hopefully an updated UI for the emergency alert banner so they’ll stop looking like it’s from a Series 3. »cdn.avsforum.com/f/fc/fce2f0d7_v···350.jpeg

  21. “Ultraviolet support”

    I’d say that is an oxymoron.

  22. I’m just hoping they fix the Roamio recording issue when it comes to changed start/stop times and duplicate recordings (where a secondary recording labeled as “(Rec: channel number channel name time)” is created.

  23. They should add channel logos in the guide that would be nice…..

  24. I really love my Roamio Plus and Mini combo but my biggest pet peeves are 1) Unable to schedule a Season Pass for a TV show more than 2-3 weeks in advance. 2) As Jack’s comment above said, I hate having to leave the TiVo iPad app front and center for the entire time it takes for a lengthy download 3) Horrible Amazon Instant functionality.

    I am hoping that sooner than later we’ll have something for Ultraviolet, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Showtime Anywhere. Find a way to get all of those things on there and you finally have the all-in-one box.

  25. Anyone know if it’s technically possible from a hardware and software standpoint for them to add AirPlay functionality? If audio receivers already have AirPlay, why not a TiVo? That would be pretty awesome if they could manage that!

  26. I’m hoping for Amazon Prime support as well as SEC Network.

  27. It would be nice if they’d make Pandora available from the SD menus again. Also, they should finally fix Local network MP3 playback. They advertise it, but it doesn’t work worth a darn. I’m not holding my breath for either though.

  28. Anyone seen the update yet, word is that it is happening today!

  29. Update will be available after 4:30p PT today. It looks like bug fixes to me with some minor tweaks to functionality. It sounds like we will need to wait until summer for the “cool stuff”.


  30. Thanks $am Biller. This update is a GIANT yawn.

  31. “Thanks $am Biller. This update is a GIANT yawn.”

    But you’d say that if the update cured cancer, jagmeoff.

  32. Yeah, I’m the one with the bias. Let’s please try and at least not name call. Thanks, Jack.

  33. S03 ouch Dave… Those bring back bad memories.