What Cable Operators Pay For TiVo


In a rare peek behind the curtain, Evolution Digital has itemized their TiVo MSO pricing in conjunction with an April 1st increase in fees. As a reseller, Evolution is sure to split this revenue with TiVo, but this provides investors an unprecedented look into ARPU and potential licensees the high water mark for ongoing service and back office functionality.

In our continuing effort to provide you with the latest TiVo products and technology, we have had to make new additions to our operator platform. These new upgrades will allow for new features, functionality and applications that will be available to your subscribers. The development of this new capability will require us to introduce a modest price adjustment for the Operator Portal and TiVo services starting April 1, 2014. The updated pricing is below:

  • $3.35 for all active TiVo DVRs
  • $1.85 for all active non-DVRs
  • $.60 for active TiVo Streams

While the cost to acquire a retail customer is higher, along with bankrolling hardware subsidies (to varying degrees) and customer support, it’s seems that over the long-term TiVo would generate more revenue per Roamio at $15/month versus say 60% of $3.35. And surely why TiVo sticks with retail despite their limited penetration.

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5 thoughts on “What Cable Operators Pay For TiVo”

  1. I have to wonder what the operators pay for the actual Tivo hardware (and for that matter, what they pay for the POS Motorola or SciAm boxes) in addition to monthly fees.

  2. $3.35 may be the incremental price charged to the sub, but it does not mean
    that some other amount from the sub’s bundle isn’t also going to Tivo.

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