Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Tablets, Drops Sriracha & Coke

Dave Zatz —  March 7, 2014


By way of Engadget, we learn that Buffalo Wild Wings has begun swapping out their existing NTN gaming stations for far more interactive (and less bulky) Android tablets. Beyond gaming, these new devices also provide a conduit to the serving staff:

Buzztime’s BEOND tablet lets Buffalo Wild Wings Guests order food, request songs and television programming, play games (both multi-player and arcade-style), and pay the bill. The seven-inch Samsung Galaxy touchscreen tablets are pre-loaded with games and music options. With a mix of complimentary and paid content, the BEOND tablets enable multi-player, multi-location gaming; guests may play popular trivia and poker games against other individuals, another table or even other restaurant locations.

Fortunately, BWW tables are already stocked with hand wipes… as we imagine this could get messy fast. (Might it make more sense to use our own devices?) And, having flown Virgin America, I do like the idea of summoning drink refills via touchscreen. However, we suspect the primary reason for visiting a Buffalo Wild Wings outpost is still for the food… yet, sadly, both Sriracha wings and Coke Zero were recently dropped from the menu.

6 responses to Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Tablets, Drops Sriracha & Coke

  1. Chili’s has something similar around here now. I think the way they do it left a bad taste in my mouth though. The ones at Chili’s have free apps and paid apps. If you hit a paid app, two buttons pop up, play or cancel purchase which is almost greyed out. At no point do you hit a purchase button or confirmation that you will be billed or what you will be billed. Then it just shows up as a fee on your tab.

  2. “yet, sadly, both Sriracha wings and Coke Zero were recently dropped from the menu.”

    Gotta read the fine print. If you jailbreak the tablet, you can still order and receive Sriracha wings.

    (As to Coke Zero: why? Soda is for 16yo’s. Adults drink beer, wine, or seltzer. Also, as to Buffalo Wild Wings, why? Do you live in the suburbs, exurbs, rural Idaho, Inland China, or some such? Being able to avoid chain restaurants like the plague is one of the prime benefits of living within the Pale…)

  3. Yes, I’m a domesticated suburbanite. We more often patronize the local wing chain (Buffalo Wing Factory) to support the local guys who incidentally provide way better and more consistent service, but BWW does handle big events like the Super Bowl better, along with providing the aforementioned trivia machines and Coke Zero – the caffeine of which I need to remain fully functional. Do they make caffeinated beer or seltzer?

    brennok, Sounds sketchy. Yet I expect this is implemented similarly. If/when I see it, I’ll pass word along.

  4. “…and Coke Zero – the caffeine of which I need to remain fully functional. Do they make caffeinated beer or seltzer?”

    Chewing coca leaves goes great with seltzer.

    (Again, you need to jailbreak the tablet to order the coca leaves.)

  5. When I’m at BWW, I do not have hands free for games. It’s tough enough juggling beer, wings, and a napkin.

  6. So I believe I took the new tablet for a spin. It’s bulkier than it looks in the press photo given the enclosure is designed to protect and charge the device, plus it features a credit card reader and dual kickstands. There were no apps/functionality yet in regards to food/beverage ordering or purchases, nor were their features to request a TV channel change. Given the press release cited above, I assume those things are on the way. Most of the experience required a login that asks for birthdate and email address – something parents may want to spoof when giving this to their kids for game playing, as this single tablet replaces the prior NTN trivia game station and separate children’s gaming device.

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2: