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  1. Instead of watching your Slingbox feed on a mobile device or computer screen, you’d get the video on your television via a $35 dongle. Granted, you’d need both a supported app/smartphone and the Chromecast itself – and trying to do this in say a hotel might be tricky. It’s conceptually and technically similar to what Sling has done with the Roku app and Airplay to Apple TV.

  2. I thought the hotel Wi-Fi thing for Chromecast was a no-go because of the login page bypass requirement at every hotel I’ve ever been to. Obviously there are ways/hacks to get around this–plug your laptop into wired, share its wireless with the Chromecast, travel with a portable Wi-Fi thing, but most of these rely on a wired Ethernet connection being provided which isn’t a given in many hotels. I suppose you could fake the mac address of the Chromecast from your laptop or something. Maybe I need to look into this…

  3. As someone who spent something like 100 nights on the road in 2007 and again 2008, I’d say our best bet is still a travel router. But, as you say, Ethernet may be on the way out. I’m sure there are other ways to slice and dice it. (Man, I also loved my Cradlepoint 3G routers…)

  4. You guys hit exactly on what my only beef is with the Chromecast – hotel support! There has to be a way they can figure this thing out.
    These days you don’t see ethernet in rooms much so travel routers aren’t going to do it I don’t think.
    Would absolutely love to use Sling thru this thing in a hotel room.

  5. “You guys hit exactly on what my only beef is with the Chromecast – hotel support!”

    Indeed. I’d buy a Chromecast if only it’d deliver room service via drone.

  6. Just found this news. I still use my Slingcatcher. So this is great news!

    On a side note, when I do travel, my LTE service on my phone is normally better than the hotel Wifi. So I tether away.

  7. For a frequent hotel user, one can have his phone used as a hot spot and configure the chromecast to use it.
    Obviously, you better have an unlimited data plan…

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