Virgin Media Moves 2 Million TiVos

Dave Zatz —  February 12, 2014


While TiVo’s US retail operation hasn’t fared so well in recent years, Virgin Media has seen great success from the TiVo platform in the UK… having just crossed the 2 million customer mark after about three years of availability. Virgin’s experience is largely TiVo as we know it, yet the 3-tuner hardware is foreign to us, as is the tent pole BBC iPlayer app. And with all their success, outfitting nearly 50% of television customers, we find it less likely Virgin’s new owners would dramatically¬†drop TiVo for Liberty’s Horizon.

4 responses to Virgin Media Moves 2 Million TiVos

  1. I’m glad to hear that Tivo has sold well over there and I hope they’re moving units at retail, here in North America.

  2. I know Liberty Global and Liberty Media are separate, but at some point you’d think John Malone would align them, at least somewhat. I’m curious what all of this means to Charter in the US, especially if they finally get their hands on TWC who has been building their own OCAP-based platform, while Charter is still testing ActiveVideo and TiVo.

  3. I’ve used a Roamio since October for OTA (roof antenna). Its working out really well. I wonder if Tivo – which for years has pushed its retail products for OTA – is going to find some stride in OTA now that Netflix and Amazon Prime have gotten better and better as complimentary streaming products. BTW, Tivo really needs to get Amazon Prime streaming working on the Roamio.

  4. @Justin,

    I guess that’s the question. As the number of cord cutters increase over time, do any significant numbers of them pick up TiVo’s?

    The people that are driven by cost might not. They either ignore OTA (maybe they don’t get a good signal or more likely they never even tried it) or they just watch that stuff live. Could be the only thing they watch OTA is sports or whatever stuff they want to see live anyway.

    I’d bet that the people who are cancelling cable and already had a DVR are more likely to consider a TiVo than the cord-nevers growing up watching things over the top/on laptops etc. And I suspect that over time the number of “cord-nevers” is going to overwhelm the number of cord cutters and that won’t be in TiVo’s favor.