14 thoughts on “TiVo co-founders gear up for launch of their QPlay TV streamer”

  1. Yeah, probably DOA… It’s a cutthroat market and if folks like you and I, who own one of everything, aren’t interested, it’s not looking good.

  2. It’s directly competing against a $35 chromecast. How do you even DO that? How do you make money at such a low price point? Price it at $30 and pray until the VC money runs out?

    No remote, forcing an ipad app means it’s a non-starter for me. I do have an ipad, but I don’t want to use it every time I watch TV. I want to use my universal remote.

    And of course missing netflix and amazon instant are another nail in the coffin.

  3. More rich white guys who think it was all their brilliance that made their product/company successful, and not some butterfly effect… and who will learn quickly that its not quite that easy. Which is why serial entrepreneurs are so rare.

  4. To me it sounds like a RSS reader for video. And while that’s an interesting concept, it doesn’t sound like a compelling one at least for me. I don’t think I’ve ever said I really should be watching more dumb Youtube videos.

  5. ios only, yup, they’re from tivo.
    you can ‘reserve’ it but it ships in 1-3 days…not clear if its preorder.
    and how is it ‘better than tv’? isnt it displayed on a tv? what is the content?
    doa is right.
    is the actor one of the co-founders cause it looked like an ad for him.

  6. “ios only, yup, they’re from tivo”.

    Ha, that’s funny! Two years and stll no downloading/streaming to Android devices. I wish those entrepreneurs good luck. It’s going to be tough, entering the overcrowded field of media streamers and competing against the big boys.

  7. I may have considered it if it worked with Android. But without Android support, I can’t even consider using it.

  8. This might even be a good idea I suppose. I mean I use a bunch of RSS feeds in Flipboard and it keeps me occupied a lot. You know, when I’m standing in line at the drugstore or whatever.

    But RSS feeds for video already exists. There are a bunch of places–ABC, MTV, etc that have RSS video feeds. We could already be doing this on our laptops, which honestly makes more sense than on TV. And is anybody doing it? Have you heard anybody ever mention RSS and video in the same sentence before?

    Sounds more like an iPad app right? For watching on the iPad? And yet again I can’t recall anything getting traction here. I have vague recollections of a few iOS apps that were going to do something like this but I never downloaded them or if I did I don’t recall them anymore. And while I listen to a variety of podcasts about tech topics and iOS apps and TV/movies I don’t recall anybody ever discussing this.

    I think its a non-starter.

  9. The iOS app and backend might be interesting, but shouldn’t it also fling video to a Chromecast (if you have one) or a TV or TiVo via DIAL or similar second screen API?

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