Mohu to Launch Android Streamer… with OTA Tuner!


You know Mohu, the Leaf antenna guys. Well, like Channel Master, they’re looking beyond the aerial and have cooked up an Android streamer paired with an OTA tuner. “Mohu Channels” may have launched as a Kickstarter campaign, but we suspect this is more marketing than fundraising. So those of us awaiting a Roku-esque device with over-the-air capabilities will have something to evaluate come summer.


The small, oblong device, with both Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g/n, runs Android with a custom guide skin, unifying television listings with our preferred web shortcuts and apps from the Goole Play store – similar to what Channel Master has done with DVR+ in listing Vudu as “channel” 200. There’s no mention of an EPG subscription fee and early bird pricing runs a modest $79 — pretty good when you consider that included universal RF/IR QWERTY remote with “air mouse” functionality. Unfortunately, we’re only talking a single tuner here and there’s no mention of potential DVR capabilities… although there is an unaccounted for USB port.

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  1. Is it crazy that Roku doesn’t have a $149 streamer with an HDMI in? I don’t necessarily need anything fancy like serial control, built in tuner, DVR capabilities (don’t get me wrong, all that would be great), but I’d pay an extra $50 for the Roku I have now with an HDMI in, an IR blaster, and a TV programming guide integrated so I wouldn’t have to switch inputs. Between that and their channel library and Plex, I’d finally be able to stop buying one of everything that hits the market looking for something to be satisfied with.

    In the mean time, I’ll be looking at this one. But probably not buying. OTA is fine, but I actually subscribe to cable and need some of those channels.

    Whoever nails this should do it quick, because if Apple or someone else ever really disrupts TV with deals to stream cable over the Internet, it’s all over!

  2. I’m beyond needing a device that only requires a single input to my TV (ala Boxee TV or Mohu Channels) — what I need is a guide where I can say: here are my favorite shows, display them so I can “tune” them, regardless if they’re OTA, previously recorded, or available via some streaming source (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/etc).

    Where is THAT guide??

  3. Since it’s not that difficult to switch the inputs on a TV between an HDMI connector (Roku) and the TV’s built in OTA tuner, so I don’t see how integrating these into one box this brings much additional value to the market compared to what is available today. However if it included DVR capabilities (via an external drive or whatever) then it’s definitely interesting.

  4. I like the concept of a unified interface… but, yeah, the current situation can be overcome. Even without a DVR, if they could bake in universal search for the top X apps, it could be compelling. Still thinking something like Tablo or Aereo (if they survive and improve their picture quality) plus Roku, with search to include broadcast content, could be pretty killer.

  5. So TiVo, How’s that app store doing? Hmmm? I’m stil waiting for some of those tent poles? HBO, Amazon Prime and and now Showtime are still MIA.

  6. I would like a roku with an HDMI in, yeah. That would be pretty sweet.

    As for this device, it’s another loser. Nobody cares about live TV.

  7. Rodalpho, Some of us care about live TV, especially free over the air and it’s beautiful picture and sound quality. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I enjoy my free over the air Eagles NFL and Phillies MLB Sunday game.

    I’m interested in any OTA DVR that includes all the key cord cutting streaming services in one box. I know it’s a first world problem, but switching inputs between the TiVo and the Roku is annoying for my missus.

  8. “Since it’s not that difficult to switch the inputs on a TV between an HDMI connector (Roku) and the TV’s built in OTA tuner”

    Sure, it’s easy. But, I have a wife that would rather not, a 7 year old that has issues doing it, and a 4 year old who cannot do it at all.

    Also, if the cable isn’t integrated to the same input as the streaming box, that makes dch’s universal guide impossible to pull off too.

  9. I really like the idea of the customizable programming grid and the ability to mix the app channels into the OTA grid but I’d LOVE if the app channels could also include that live programming grid info. This would apply to apps that have a live stream like th WWE network that programs a set schedule 24/7 for example. Or if I could authenticate Disney Channel and then include the app in the grid with the hourly program info. Seems like the missing link to me

  10. Heard back from the company last night…

    Sounds like DVR is not currently on the road map, but anything is possible down the line. There are no fees and it’s listing the channel meta data from over the air (PSIP) – which as most of us know if often incomplete. Some channels don’t provide, some channels don’t provide it well. They seem to be actively contemplating a full-on EPG. Of course, we know that data is much better, but their expenses would go up… and would that translate into recurring fees?

  11. Dave, PSIP is not bad. Capturing, holding, and presenting the data is troublesome. Early hardware implementations like the DTVPal put it in there as an afterthought. My DVR+ is much better. Do you KNOW that the Channels guide is PSIP? I would love that — no fears of being abandoned by providers (looking at you OTA Rovi scum!) or requirement for ISP (my inlaws have no landline or internet).

    Are there no buttons on the other side of the remote? Does it work like a WII remote? I’d love to see a video of the user interface in use — have you seen that? Is there a cursor or does focus highlight controls on the screen?

    BTW, not need for a DVR function since there is a Simple DVR app in Google Play. I’m holding off on buying any more Rokus until this hits the shelves.

  12. Would it be difficult for an online channel like WWE Network to mimic something like PSIP so they could feed their live programming data to a channel guide like the Mohu streamer has? So the programs they are airing would show just like the OTA channels in stead of just a generic WWE Network bar that you need to click through to what is airing. Any idea?

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