LogMeIn Ignition Granted Indefinite Amnesty

Dave Zatz —  February 2, 2014


It’s not clear if we collectively misunderstood LogMeIn’s original outreach or if the company has backpedaled amidst negative feedback from those of us who’d purchased their $30 Ignition app. As the story goes, LogMeIn abruptly dispensed with a Freemium remote access model, However, Ignition app owners were granted a complimentary 6 months of “Pro” access for their troubles. And I’d reasonably assumed after those six months, both computer-based and mobile access would be terminated (without purchasing an annual subscription). As it turns out, LogMeIn’s most recent communique (pasted above) states,

You can continue to remotely access your computers, as you have, from your mobile device with full access to the premium functionality in your LogMeIn Ignition app, whether or not you ultimately upgrade to LogMeIn Pro.

So that’s a little bit of good news. Assuming one possesses a tablet, since pulling up a full-on desktop computer via a 4-5″ screen is reserved for emergency access only. And there’s really no telling how long our good fortune will last, given this bit of clear language from LogMeIn’s original outreach:

While your existing Ignition app will continue work as it always has, it will no longer receive updates and bug fixes.

15 responses to LogMeIn Ignition Granted Indefinite Amnesty

  1. Honestly, I don’t understand this at all? I mean, the computers have to be logged into some sort of ONLINE setup account, which will for all intents and purposes have to be a paid account. There will no longer be FREE accounts. So, what will they be logged in under? Is there going to be some sort of ignition login?

  2. I am confused as well. I was about ready to go to teamviewer and just say screw my 30 dollars, but now I am not sure what is going on. So does this mean ignition will still run, but there will not be any PC web based remote support (without paying the subscription)? If so it’s still not worth it to me. 100 bucks a year for 2 PCs is nuts. I agree with what was posted above too. Accessing on a phone or tablet is still clunky and not worth me keeping the app if that is the only way I can do it.

  3. I don’t plan to wait around and see how this shakes out, even though I paid for Ignition. The way they’ve handled this whole thing with minimal and poorly communicated notice is enough to put me off using their products for good. I’ve already got TeamViewer up on 2 of the 5 machines I previously had LogMeIn on and the rest will be soon.

  4. I, personally, switched to Teamviewer a long time ago. It’s WAY faster and has all the features i need. The fact that Logmein is ditching the free service the way they do just confirmed that they are headed to the history books sooner than later.

  5. I should really thank LogMeIn. Without all this crap I would have never tried the Chrome Remote Desktop. From a PC it works much better than LogMeIn ever did. I just need to wait for an Android app and then I will completely ditch LogMeIn.

  6. I see the logmeignition app has been removed from app store.
    Make sure you don’t lose the app

  7. I only use remote access occasionally. I did buy Ignition awhile back. However, I recently switched to TeamViewer and I’m not looking back.

  8. Switched to Teamviewer immediately, never looked back. Works great! FU LogMeOut!

  9. You may want to switch to free for business and home AEROADMIN.
    No installation and registration. Works behind NAT, has file transfer.
    What else do you need?

  10. There is a reason why it is called Logmein PRO, it is suited for IT Professionals who serve paying clients. In conjunction with LMI Central, it is a fantastic tool. We have been using it for years and Yes we pay for it.

    Get off your “FREE” entitlement mindset. There is no such thing as “FREE”. Most free tech products compromise security, privacy and accountability. Do you work for “FREE”?

    Pretty soon you will be out of a job because people wont pay for services and products you offer.

    If one is charging for IT services and are using “private use only” tools, the list is long of disadvantages, including possible litigation.

  11. Good call, I never thought about charging my mom for IT support.

    LogMeIn might want to consider offering some sort of low impact tier like 1 cent per minute for personal usage. They could keep my credit card on file and charge me as I sporadically access remote computers, bringing in an extra buck from me each month they’ll otherwise never see.

  12. “Good call, I never thought about charging my mom for IT support.”

    Monetize that family relationship. I mean, what did she ever do for you?

    (I suppose you could give her a 20% discount on Mother’s Day, if you really need the good publicity…)

  13. Speaking of free, I removed the link to John C’s tech support site. I don’t accept ads without payment — given his contribution, I assume he understands.

  14. In addition to LogMeIn, you may want to consider GoSupportNow at $19.95/month.

  15. In addition to LogMeIn, you may want to consider GoSupportNow at $19.95/month.