Blackloud PoChannel: Another Day, Another Streamer

Dave Zatz —  February 18, 2014


By way of the FCC (and Brad Linder), we learn of a new player in the streaming space, the Blackloud PoChannel. With YouTube branding and DLNA promises, the Gemtek-produced device looks similar in size and playlist function to the upcoming Qplay TV Adapter… minus the TiVo founder’s social linkages. But unlike Qplay, while PoChannel will ship with both Android and iPhone apps, a traditional remote control will also be included for more traditional control. Yet the questions remain, what sets these guys apart and is the market already saturated (with imperfect products)?

5 responses to Blackloud PoChannel: Another Day, Another Streamer

  1. Horrible name. What is it supposed to signify?

  2. @Dave, That last thing you said.

  3. BTW you should go to their website, its hilarious. Are they aware its live on the internet?

    From the “Slogan goes here” in the banner at the top, to the download links that don’t link to anything, to the descriptions of the ICE camera in the obviously cloned pages for the PoChannel, to the hilarious descriptions of the CVR service.

    So the PoChannel is apparently $45.99. And they’ll have a CVR function you can add when you purchase it. For a 7-day CVR (I presume this means auto-recording SOMETHING and keeping it all for 7 days without any need to set up recordings) you’ll pay $99 for a year. For a 30-day CVR you’ll pay $299.

    What it is they’re recording isn’t at all obvious. Does it have a TV tuner? I presume so, meaning I guess it takes in an antenna signal for OTA digital reception? But I don’t see anything that looks like an antenna connector on the back. I see HDMI on the left and what appears to be the power connector on the right. And the middle thing looks like USB. Maybe an external USB antenna they’ll sell you separately?

  4. Glenn, Link, Yeah there’s something lost in translation here… and, no, I don’t think they realize people are evaluating their site yet. I assume any recording is related to their video camera, and not some sort of OTA DVR functionality. In fact, I’d bet it’s a cut & paste error from the camera page. Maybe that missing slogan should be something about ‘inspiring confidence’ … ;)

  5. “From the “Slogan goes here” in the banner at the top”

    But “Slogan goes here” is one of the catchiest slogans I’ve ever heard! It suggests the ineffability of brilliant PR, and I can’t get it out of my head. I ordered 3, and I don’t even know what the product does.