Best Super Bowl Ads Of 2014

Dave Zatz —  February 3, 2014

Although neither the Super Bowl 48 match-up nor the 2014 crop of ads lived up to expectations, according to TiVo quite a few remained tuned in until the bitter end – with 3 of the top 5 most “engaging” commercials airing during the 4th quarter. Of course, there were the bizarre, the the boring, and the low budget, but I felt the most effective advertising successfully educated while entertaining – Comcast (above), T-Mo Tebow, and Hyundai stood out for me. And I just loved the juxtaposition of manly action hero to Downton Abbey opening track in Statham’s Xinifty spot. Radio Shack also earns point for the ’80s flashback – well played. What were your favorites?

2 responses to Best Super Bowl Ads Of 2014

  1. I really liked the “the 80’s called and want their store back” Radio Shack commercial. Anytime I can see CHiPs, Alf, the California Raisins, and Twister Sister in the same spot it’s a good one.

    I was also a very big fan of the Chevy Truck Cancer ad, it was understated but really played on your emotion. I think Chevy should have received more credit for it then they did.

    The two 2nd half Budweiser ads were good, hard not to enjoy the Welcome Home Solider…again a lot of emotion in it.

  2. I think the best addition to the Super Bowl this year was the Fish Bowl on NatGeo. Hours of TV comprised of a single, static shot of fish in a fish bowl. There was a Zen-like quality to it.