Massive TiVo Discounts Offered To Advisors & Resellers

Dave Zatz —  January 22, 2014


Post holiday sales, TiVo is testing the waters with some amazing offers for “Advisors” and rates that roughly line up with their existing reseller offers. I assume uptake will be strong amongst this market microcosm… and hopefully influences the broader TiVo Roamio pricing strategy. As we’re still awaiting the compelling upgrade promos previously alluded to by the company.

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  1. They need to make the whole package price (with service) come down. I still have no compelling reason to upgrade from the Premier+Steam and Series 3 units that I have since they’re Lifetime. They need to reduce the upgrade pricing. I’d be happy to buy each next unit if I didn’t have to throw away the service I’ve already paid for. Seems like a bad business model.

  2. That’s “Stream” obviously. Not sure what a Tivo Steam would be…. vaporware? :)

  3. The base Roamio is $149 on Amazon

    Other models look like they have some discount, but not like the base model.

  4. That is an excellent deal for the Mini. That makes the cost of the Mini only $25. Although Lifetime is still $150. But $175 for a Mini with lifetime service is a great deal.

  5. I guess I am not an advisor in good standing. Maybe I was excluded since I already own a Pro. Of course there have been a couple deals lately on par with this pricing.

  6. Christopher Peck January 22, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    Hmm, I’m an “advisor” and it didn’t appear in my mailbox either. Not that I care, as Amazon price is still fine, and, paying more than what I pay my Cable provider for DVR service makes Tivo not very tastefull anymore. It’s not 15 years ago anymore….

  7. They need to work in Streaming and get it faster and more stable. I upgraded to Roamio and frankly have been disappointed.

    I love six tuners and more space but out if home on road experience has been lacking.

  8. I received one of these offers, and I’m unlikely to pull the trigger. Until Android streaming is available, I just don’t see much a need to upgrade over my Premiere 4. It would be nice to have a speedy and responsive UI, but not for that much $$.

  9. Even those not game for a Roamio, I’d think the Mini might appeal to existing Premiere (and Roamio) owners. And, in theory, I just ordered another… :) I’ll move the XL4 the basement and get a speedier UI in the family room via the Mini. Less clutter too, as the Slingbox will also go to the basement. Audio situation will still need to be sorted given my Vizio soundbar and Panasonic HDTV limitations. Hm. Do not want a HDMI switch. But may need one. :/

  10. I got it in my box after doing this months survey. It is only good to 2/1. I have a premiere but a friend just got a romio and the speed increase is exceedingly tempting.

  11. I got the offer – I’d jump on the mini if it worked with my Premium XL, but I’m not upgrading to Roamio with the current cost of lifetime service.

  12. I had a banner across my account page on the other day saying I should call for special pricing for existing owners. I didn’t, but I wonder if it was this deal. When I’m really looking for ways to cut the cable though, it doesn’t seem like a good time to be buying a new box.

  13. HellerMD98 Michael Heller January 22, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Perhaps they just want to unload their hardware?

    TiVo reportedly decimates hardware team in favor of cloud future

    TiVo has laid off the majority of its hardware team as it exits the DVR business and focuses instead on software licensing, sources say, including pushing TV recordings to the cloud rather than a box under your TV. Only two engineers have been retained, insiders told Wired, to deal with legacy support and future third-party hardware running TiVo software.

  14. Well dang, I’ve been a trooper for the Advisor panel but didn’t get anything sent to me. I would’ve liked to get in on that.

    Does one have to also be opted-in to receive “special offers from Tivo” to be eligible?

  15. WoW! I just heard that Tivo laid off most of their design team. And made their hardware exit official.

  16. Look for the base Roamio soon on woot for $69.

  17. Given how long the premier hardware platform was around – I guess this should’ve been expected. Hard to see what other HW devices they need designed for the foreseeable though. Who knows, maybe we’ve seen their last hardware release.

  18. Tivo’s quarter ends 1/31. This is a last ditch effort to pad the holiday quarters numbers. Not a good sign of things to come for investors this earnings release date.

  19. Hey Dave , I see you asked for codes on tivo community, if you got any extra would you share it?
    I’d like to buy a mini also.


  20. Same here… I’d love to buy another Mini for $25! I’m on the advisor’s panel, but didn’t get that email.

  21. Well dang, didn’t get anything on my end either. Makes one wonder. I’d snap up another mini (or two) and maybe put in a roamio at the PIL.

  22. Nothing for me either. I’d definately snap up another mini for $25

  23. Massive? For the Mini, I suppose. Nice to see TiVo get their price for the base Roamio down to Amazon prices. But that’s just a match, not MASSIVE.

    The Plus and Pro are pretty good deals. Pro was always over priced anyway. But even I don’t need 6 tuners, and I watch way, way, way, way too much TV.

  24. I think I’m going to buy another Mini and just force a tuner on the XL4 for the Master B/R. Gonna take the existing Mini which is only used for the guest room and try it in the B/R and see how it works out as a replacement for the HD in there. If it works adequately then I’ll live with 3 tuners on the XL4. If I end up with network problems or wifely support burden then maybe not. But its a significant enough price brake on the Mini.

    Not tempted by the other offers yet. Still too steep with lifetime.

  25. Glenn, we’ve had a Mini in the master bedroom since about launch. Channel change seemed slow at first, but we’re used it. Better than a bulky DVR, with fan and spinning drive, in every other respect. Well, minus Amazon. Not a huge prob as a Roku 3 also lives in our bedroom.

  26. I got the code after my monthly survey. First to ask me for it gets it.

  27. Michael – Can I have it? jwbelcher1977 at gmail dot com

  28. If anyone has an extra code they are willing to part with, I would be very appreciative.

  29. Just wondering Dave…
    Why a mini (or 2) with a slingbox as well?
    Aren’t you duplicating the effort, or is it just me?

  30. Code please.. ;-)

  31. Bryan, the Minis are to feed TVs. The Slingbox is to feed mobile devices.

  32. Okay, looks like my HD renews at $99/year on Jan 31 so I’m jumping on another Mini. Hope it shows up in time. I guess I can put the HD on a monthly or something for one month if I have to. At $187 or whatever with lifetime and Tax for the Mini, plus not having to deal with programming two DVRs, plus faster GUI plus not having to pay $6.75/mo to Comcast for the CableCARD in that box this’ll justify itself quickly.

  33. Well, I emailed the advisor panel email and they were kind enough to send me a code. So a new Lifetimed Mini is on the way!

  34. I got that offer i think $399.99 should be the regular the price of the pro not $599.00, also I wish tivo would give its loyal customers who always upgrade to their newest box a break on the lifetime service and reduce it to at least $199.00 instead of $399.00!

  35. That would be nice but I’ve never seen it. I’ve owned over two dozen lifetime TiVos over the last twelve years. I did get a couple of deals on lifetime back in 2008 or 2009. And one $99 lifetime deal last year. Otherwise I’ve only had MSD pricing and typically paid full price since I get my TiVos when they are first released and sell my older lifetime models.

    I paid full price for my launch Roamio Pro I got from BestBuy. But I did get a slight deal on my Roamio Basic I got through TiVo in November. I paid $175 for it and they transferred my $6.95 rate from my Premiere to the Roamio Basic. And also gave me $99 lifetime on the Premiere. Although I don’t use the Premiere any more.

    My launch Minis I got last year were not discounted either. I fill out the Advisor panel surveys and have not received a code. If they do I might pick up another TiVo Mini, but that would be it.

  36. Yeah… a second mini would be nice, but I don’t even know what the advisory panel is. Hopefully they just reduce the price sometime. $175 all in for a mini feels about right. $250 was steep.

  37. You ask and you shall receive :). I emailed them on Saturday and they sent me a code.

  38. James B. I sent it out. Sorry for the long wait. I hit subscribe to this but it never alerted me of any responses.

  39. BTW, I emailed tivo directly and they sent me a code. Now, I THINK I’m on the AP, but can’t seem to find the access credentials (email address used) but I have also heard they are making it available to those who ask, if they ask nicely and if they just had a nice lunch maybe. ;-)

  40. Michael, no worries at all. I figured it was a no-lose proposition. Honestly, I was very happy when it arrived this evening. I will be putting it to very good use here real soon. Thank you!