LG Compromises webOS with Interactive Advertising


LG’s re-ignition of webOS as a fresh, fun, and spry smart television platform has been generating a lot of buzz here at CES. Indeed, in my limited exposure, it looks quite nice. But it’s not all about us… as a major component of LG’s webOS strategy revolves around interactive advertising.


The strength of webOS is also its weakness in regards to ads. While most smart TVs bury their apps in submenus, with these sets, the UI is front and center and every activity is an “app” – including accessing live TV, settings, etc. Meaning, advertising may permeate the webOS and television viewing experience. Am I being overly sensitive (to Truvia and McDonalds) or is this a deal breaker?

2 thoughts on “LG Compromises webOS with Interactive Advertising”

  1. So what exactly did LG get out of the original WebOS? Just the UI design? Actual code? I assume it’s not available for any other devices either–and still no updates available for my HP TouchPad. ;-)

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