CES 2014: That's A Wrap!

Dave at the DISH booth with the Boston Guys and some Joeys
Dave at the DISH booth with the Boston Guys and some Joeys

Between insane weather on the way out and animals gone wild upon return, it was “Man Against Nature” for CES 2014. Despite claims of 2013 being a lost year in tech and others suggesting CES was quiet, the trend is quite clear — what we’re seeing is a fragmented state of massive transition, and we’re collectively getting wired up with a variety of experimentation here¬†in the eye of the storm. And when we work our way through to the other side EVERYTHING will be connected. And, no, we’re not calling it The Internet of Things.

There will always be larger, better, televisions out of CES… with new features to temp us to upgrade at faster frequency than industry experienced for decades leading leading up to the HD (and digital) transition. But the real news is the the scope of connected devices along with¬†those attempting to wrangle them.

Get ready to say hello to your virtually sentient home, auto, and wristwear.

8 thoughts on “CES 2014: That's A Wrap!”

  1. RIght now we’re still looking at mostly silo-ed devices and services… but those that learn to play nice with others, and those who facilitate via communication hubs, will be the ones left standing. No gadget is an island.

    We’ve got a few more CES posts in the pipeline, that we intend to get up over the next couple days. Hopefully we deliver. :)

  2. Very cool. Yeah, would love to see more interoperability. Even stuff like the Belkin We-Mo–which has it’s own account–can integrate into IFTTT. It’s a start. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Tim, yeah – TiVo held some closed door Android demos (and I obviously didn’t take them up on their offer of access in exchange for silence). So either they’re not as far along as they expected to be or they were concerned the announcement would get lost in the CES noise.

    Joel, Belkin’s investing big time in WeMo. New bulbs and some sort of hub, plus a dew developer API and Zigbee support… again, no gadget is an island. Not if they want to outlast the purge. https://twitter.com/missingremote/status/421000407658541056

  4. They could of… all I’ve confirmed for sure is that Android was on the docket. But my original intel regarding a new Amazon app is solid — tho all I know is that it’s coming, can’t say for certain which platforms, if it includes Primes (seems likely), or when.

  5. Hopefully TiVo will have Android streaming by the 2014 NFL season. I still can’t believe that I was hoping support would come during the 2012 season. This is taking entirely too long for Android streaming support from TiVo.

  6. To be fair to TiVo they still have not completely overhauled their TiVo interface to HD so Andriod???? ;). I am still on shock there is a useful iOS app…

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