Anker Saves The Day (Again)

Dave Zatz —  January 18, 2014


As I’ve yet to find that perfect gadget caddy, we’ve gone ahead and implemented Plan B. When picking out a new bedroom set about 18 months ago, we went with a collection that we otherwise may have passed over due to tricked out nightstands housing a power squid in the top drawer (and undercarriage lighting). Turns out, the AC adapters were way too bulky to be practical. But what else could I do with the pre-drilled holes and drawer organizer? Enter Anker’s $20 5-port USB charger. I still need to tidy things up and would prefer most of these gadgets live on/in my dresser or the kitchen, but this seems to be a good solution for the time being.

8 responses to Anker Saves The Day (Again)

  1. Both Mari and I independently landed on Anker external batteries for our phones. And Anker also produces a higher charging capacity 5-port hub than what I purchased, but I figured given my use case with things sitting overnight, the additional speed (and expense) weren’t necessary. (They’re also available in black.)

  2. Anker is making some good stuff. I replaced my wife’s pink tampon shaped cheapo external battery with an Anker and she’s much happier for it. :-)

  3. That Anker 5-port is amazing. I have three of them around the house, and one in my travel kit. Incredibly efficient too.

  4. I got this one:
    Only 4 port, but with most android phones easily charging at 2A (at least my galaxy s3), it’s more future proof and useful for a quick top off when you’re home for only an hour. Plus, you can plug iPads into any of the ports. I’m curious why you went with that one instead of the more powerful 4-port?

  5. I chose my model for two reasons… saved a few bucks on the lesser draw, as this is mainly for devices sitting overnight, and I preferred the design with the included cable that I fished thru the two pre-drilled nightstand holes into the AC jack (instead of using my own extension cable or running multiple USB cables from the wall plate, which is visible).

  6. I was at Lowes the other day and saw combination wall outlet with 2 3-prong 110V AC Outlets with 2 5V 2.1A USB outlets.
    I got 2 for our kitchen.

    The main downside is the depth of the outlet unit itself. Since it contains a transformer to go from 110VAC to 5VDC, it is rather deep so you really have to properly trim the wires and push them far back into the electrical box to get it to fit flush. So it took me more time to fit it in and secure it than to use the wire-nuts to connect the 3 standard wires.

    Here’s a photo of the installed plug:

  7. Yeah, a few companies make those and I’ve been eyeing similar for a horizontal jack right in our kitchen counter. Thanks for the heads up on depth – will take a look at the current box. (Had to mash a Lutron dimmer into a tight box upstairs.)

  8. How about the RAVPower? It seems that the two are in competition. Which brand is better?