TiVo Software Update 20.3.8 Rolling Out


TiVo software update 20.3.8 has started rolling out to Premiere, Roamio and Mini boxes, including these notable enhancements:

  • new transparency options for Closed Captions
  • support for new apps (some of which may start appearing next week)
  • support for “low battery” message for new RF remotes
  • fixed an issue where the grid Guide didn’t keep its place after scheduling a recording
  • now will retry tuning requests after a Tuning Adapter fails to respond
  • improved some issues related to transferring shows between Series4 and Series5 DVRs

While this doesn’t ship with the prime billing that the Fall Update did, it’s rather significant in a few ways. First, the SDV Tuning adapter hack has been something a sore subject for me since my days on Cox, but it’s not entirely the cable provider’s fault… as TiVo never gracefully recovered from tuning issues. Until now. Next up, Closed Captions are way less intrusive as you can see here. Lastly, we know at least one of the new apps will be the refreshed and modernized Netflix experience for Premiere owners. But does 20.3.8 also lay the groundwork for the upcoming Opera app store (shown above)?

(Thanks Sam!)

4 thoughts on “TiVo Software Update 20.3.8 Rolling Out”

  1. I wonder if it fixes one of the more annoying bugs that I’ve discovered that was introduced in the fall 2013 update – If I have a wishlist item that I manually pad recording time to, the box tries to record on 2 different tuners a recording with the initial time and another recording with the extended time. (For instance, I have a wishlist for Hockey -> Penguins which will pick up games. Games on NBC Sports Network are only in the guide for 2:30 while they really need 3:00 to record. I end up with a recording on NBCSN for 2:30 as well as one on NBCSN for 3:00).

  2. Well, the biggest problem with Netflix on the Premiere isn’t the UI, its how long it takes to launch the damn thing. Plus of course the fact that sometimes it simply won’t launch and you have to reboot the box to get access again. Anything that sped it up would be more important than anything else.

    Yes I know I should get a Roamio to deal with this at some point. I probably will.

    If the new apps include Amazon Instant, or Vudu or Redbox instant or … then great! But kind of expecting a suite of underwhelming choices.

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