Cox On Demand Finally Coming To TiVo?

Dave Zatz —  December 4, 2013

After three years of radio silence, will Cox On Demand finally arrive on TiVo? According to one TiVo Community forum member, Cox Communications employees in his region have been distributed memos that communicate on demand services will be deployed to Rhode Island region TiVo units in early to mid-December. While TiVo’s implementation thus far hasn’t been much to write home about and Comcast’s equivalent Xfinity roll out has been paused (or completed, depending who you ask), content is king and on demand services are extremely valuable to many as a catch up service and to keep the kiddies perpetually entertained. Some technical trivia, if it does indeed pan out, this particular Cox region runs Motorola hardware (versus their Cisco markets).

6 responses to Cox On Demand Finally Coming To TiVo?

  1. I cannot fathom why Cox would waste the resources on implementing this IP-based return system for VoD when they still require SDV turners in most of their markets? SDV is evil Cox, if you can get around the requirement for two-way communication over the HFC network, you sure as shooting can do it for SDV.

  2. You raise an interesting point… and I’d wondered if TiVo+Comcast had halted the Xfinity roll out as this whole back-end integration is way too complex and tedious given my perception of the cost/benefit… and that using something like a full-on IP app (think Verizon or Comcast on Xbox or iPad, like Netflix on TiVo) might be a better solution over this back channel communication and tuning.

  3. Cox is contractually obligated to support this based on their agreement with TiVo. Based on the minimal feedback TiVo has disclosed from their Comcast Xfinity deployments, we know that Xfinity areas have higher customer satisfaction rates from a TiVo perspective and TiVo has better churn and gross adds in those areas as well.

  4. My Cox contact in Atlanta, has not confirmed this, yet, and currently has no knowledge of VOD coming to TiVo.

    Regarding SDV, I believe every Cox market now uses SDV, including Motorola markets.

  5. Hm, perhaps a bad assumption on my part – I’ll take that bit out, thanks.

  6. with 2014 being half over a no word on this it seems dead.