The TiVo Premiere Fall Update Cometh

Dave Zatz —  October 15, 2013


Fear not, TiVo Premiere owners… as our platform hasn’t yet been abandoned. And, within the next few weeks, the Fall Update will begin rolling out — bringing a variety of bug fixes, a far more usable Netflix app, Wishlists in HD, and dynamic tuner allocation for a better TiVo Mini experience. Unfortunately, the new slightly tweaked TiVo UI (colors, fonts) won’t be available until 2014.

To move to the front of the Fall Update line, simply provide your TiVo Service Number here. Having recently taken the Roamio plunge, I registered my interest and plan to flip my Lifetimed TiVo Premiere XL4/Elite in short order.

14 responses to The TiVo Premiere Fall Update Cometh

  1. I’m just happy they are going to fix the bug that prevents people with tuning adapters from getting suggestions recorded.

  2. Netflix update is a nice surprise! I did not expect a Netflix update on the Premieres until early 2014 and only then to allow for profiles. All new development seems to be for HTML5 apps which Premieres do not support.

    The priority update page mentioned is getting 404’s or saying TSN’s are not valid. Might have to wait a day until Tivo fixes it.

    On another positive for Tivo it seems Netflix may partner up with them to get Netflix on smaller cable vendors Suddenlink and RCN! As an RCN subscriber in NYC and owner of Netflix stock I can’t wait.

  3. This is great news. I still have two XL4s on my account and one 2-tuner Premiere. I was hoping for an updated Netflix app to add DIAL support. I find that a very effective way to launch Netflix content. The current Netflix app has a known recurring bug that renders the remote control useless while watching a program. I suppose we can thank TiVo’s MSO partners for the current decision to update the platform.

  4. A useful update! Like Bryan I’m just getting 404 errors right now, but regardless I’ll appreciate the update when it comes.

    Currently Netflix works well enough on my TiVo HD in the bedroom and basically not at all on my Elite XL4 in the living room. Just hangs basically. So this will hopefully be a useful update and at the very least fix that. Any hint what else, like the ability to search and add things to streaming queue?

    The dynamic tuner assignment if it works would make me assign a tuner to my one Mini once again. Wouldn’t use it live much honestly, but would be slightly more convenient sometimes when I run the thing via Sling Player on an iPhone or something and every keystroke I have to do is death.

  5. I got a 404 Not Found when submitting my TSNs. Hopefully the submissions worked.

  6. Awesome!

    Looks like the Premiere platform is almost ready to leave BETA testing and be released for sale to the public.


  7. The Netflix update is welcomed but is the lag improved?

  8. You SURE that new Netflix app is coming? Hmmm,

  9. 404 error gone. Seems to be working again.

  10. Duke of the Foothills October 17, 2013 at 2:19 am

    but still no Amazon Prime video streaming?

  11. Duke, I do not think you will get Amazon Prime streaming on the Premiere… I could be wrong, but I just do not think Amazon is willing to place streaming service on the slow Premiere.

    If Amazon is going to target a platform, I expect to see it on the Roamio. In my mind it is simply a function of Amazon protecting it’s brand. If the user experience doesn’t meet a certain level of functioanlity, they are not going to allow it.

    (I should say, that I also didn’t think the Premiere would see any additonal updates to Netflix – but it seems I am wrong)

  12. Ok so according to the TiVo website my TiVo is up to date with 20.3.1. Was that the update? Because nothing has changed. I’m still having issues with Netflix freezing and I’m not able to use the remote inside the app. So I have to hit the home button and go back into Netflix. Hulu is still slow and laggy. I bought this thing in the end of 2011 so I should be still getting updates especially if I’m still paying a monthly charge. The tivo forums are just a back and forth between users and staff “we’re working on it”

    This is the only information I’ve read on the TiVo update since TiVo is of no help. I’ve been with this company since 2007 and I’ve loved it up until this year when I first experienced software problems and Tivo support will give no answers. When this box dies I’m going to a cable DVR with Roku unless they change dramatically.

  13. Longtime Tivo customer November 15, 2013 at 9:55 am

    Nov. 15 and still no update released. I don’t have much faith in Tivo these days with all the problems my Premiere XL/4 has had and the long delays in any software update to address them. Makes me really hesitant to drop a grand on Roamio Pro, even with the $200 discount they are offering through the holidays. Let’s get with the program, Tivo! Neglecting your current customer base is not a wise move with the increasing competition you’re facing!

  14. The last day of Fall is Dec 20th and the Fall update release *has* started being released in waves. I, like others, have gotten the update after adding our TSN’s to the priority list. It hasn’t been officially released if you check TiVo’s website the Premiere is currently at 20.3.1. It’s a gradual rollout.

    Try emailing your TSN to margret at tivo dot com ( in case your TSN got lost from the priority list or if you never added in the first place.

    NOTE: TiVo has been pretty busy with software releases for Roamio, Mini, Stream, iOS app, and Premiere.