Mohu Curve Hits The Cord Cutting Scene


As you may recall, we had great luck pulling in over-the-air high-definition broadcasts via the flat Mohu Leaf antenna. And, while it works rather well, it’s somewhat lacking in the style department as a single, flexible sheet.. that I thumbtacked to the wall. Enter the new Mohu Curve¬†($55). The Curve’s unamplified reception range (30 miles) is similar to what Mohu markets for the Leaf (35 miles), and I’ve requested more detail on its design and capabilities. But the primary differentiator is a sleeker, sturdier design with integrated stand. Assuming you have the shelf space and you’re OK with white (versus the black/white reversible Leaf).

1 thought on “Mohu Curve Hits The Cord Cutting Scene”

  1. Mohu’s PR firm tells me Curve performance is equivalent to the Leaf, and this is more about beautifying and modernizing the design.

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