TiVo Roamio QWERTY Remote… Coming Soon?


Thanks to WSJ Live, via AOL ON, it looks like an upcoming TiVo Roamio Slide Remote has just been outed. The new IR/RF remote currently shipping with Roamio is getting something of mixed reviews, due to the exclusion of a learning function, as provided by prior TiVo remotes, and reduced range compared to the discontinued TiVo Slide. Perhaps this accessory will improve upon both of those… while obviously returning the much-desired physical QWERTY keyboard! No telling if backlit keys will also make a repeat appearance, or if there’s even much value in such a feature. Stay tuned? (sourced via the IDF)

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  1. That’s the deal companies make with the devil… you give Walt everything in exchange for a shot at coverage. Heck, how many embargos revolve around his publishing schedule? But sometimes it backfires, as it did for TiVo when he savaged the unreleased out-of-home streaming and now inadvertently leaked this little guy.

  2. @dave,

    If it weren’t for the reviewers like Mossberg most consumers wouldn’t even know TiVo released new hardware. Neither the NY Times or WSJ mentioned it in either their business or echnology sections. Obviously there was no TV coverage.

    And maybe I’m just use to Pogue’s reviews which tend to rip products over what I’d consider minor things. But Mossberg I thought gave an amazing review. He writes

    “My verdict: The TiVo Roamio’s new cable-streaming features and improved software for Internet video come close to making it the only set-top box you need.. But the out-of-home streaming feature doesn’t work for all cable networks and will need a lot of work to make its quality acceptable. Plus, the product is expensive for some budgets.

    While streaming is the big news here, it’s worth pointing out that, even without it, the TiVo could be considered the holy grail of set-top boxes. . “

  3. it certainly is a positive to have the keyboard on the TiVo remote. But if the keys are not backlit that would be a big FAIL. I use three Slide remotes and the keyboard would be useless to me without the back lighting.

  4. Bryan, I’m not saying ‘reviewers like Mossberg’ I’m saying Mossberg himself. It’s inside baseball, but fascinating to see the concessions companies make to loop him in and keep him happy in hopes for coverage.

    But I don’t honestly know where folks get their news today and guess it’s totally fragmented. Outside of my media and CE circles, none of my friends or family read the WSJ – neither print nor online properties. Some still pick up a paper, but it’s usually the Washington Post. They had their own Mossberg/Pogue in Rob Pegoraro but let him go during one of their purges a year or two ago. I’m probably biased in feeling that was a significant mistake. But it could also suggest the wire services are more important than ever. Of course, initial coverage is just step one. Sustained conversation via advertising, social media/blogs, partnerships, word of mouth, etc is what keeps driving a product – especially given TiVo’s long product cycles.

    I’m just hopeful that the “terrible, almost unwatchable” streaming improves by the time Android support is offered, otherwise I don’t have much of a reason to upgrade.

  5. Love MY TiVo Slide remote. Been using it on a TiVo HD XL for more than 3 years now. Makes the old remotes seem over sized, bulky, and especially SLOW.

  6. Looked at the picture. I like that they got rid of the shiny smooth surface. Will help with fingerprints. I’m not sure the keyboard is better. trying to copy a typewriter. Don’t really use it that way, but no big deal probably. Still missing “Page Up/Page Down” buttons, unfortunately. Could REALLY use them.

  7. I have a slide and didn’t like the fit in my hand, didn’t like the balance, didn’t care for the keyboard…meh. Everyone’s positive statements about it recently have me wanting to try it again, however. I’ll dig it back out this week and see if I was premature in my dislike.

  8. @Glenn. Yes, I know the Ch up/down is page up/down. EVERYBODY, knows that.

    So why would I bring up NOT having those keys???
    OH, I know

    I was talking about the KEYBOARD!


  9. Yes, you can.

    But, by that logic, then why have a keyboard at ALL, when you can just use the arrows on the remote and choose letters off the screen. Even simpler.

    Anyway, it would be nice to have them on the keyboard. It’s awkward on top. And the only keys that seem to be missing for me, anyway.

    And yes, aaronwt, I have no problems with my TiVo, too. Thought I’d beat you to that one.

    P.S. More than two tuner Tivo’s were unnecessary, until they made one. THEN the nay-sayer “I don’t need that” TCF old timers bought them. Just like Extenders(or TiVo Mini’s) were also unnecessary, until TiVo made them – THEN they bought them, too. How soon we forget.

  10. I hope they have made the buttons FAR less sensitive. If I brush mine or try to place it upside down like I do out of habit from my previous Tivo remotes for over a decade, invariably it changes the channel when I don’t want it to – grrrr… otherwise I love the concept of the slide remote. But it’s a PITA with the overly sensitive buttons. Thankfully I have a drawer full of the most righteous and still hard to beat original peanut remote…

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