Com Hem TiVo In The Wild

Dave Zatz —  August 18, 2013


Unlike the secrecy surrounding a typical American TiVo beta, Swedish cable provider Com Hem has just launched a 4 week initiative that is equal parts field trial and marketing campaign to simultaneously work out the kinks as they build buzz ahead of a fall launch. And, now that the 20 golden ticket winners have received their brand-spanking-new IPTV TiVo (Samsung) hardware, they’ve begun sharing their initial experiences – along with numerous, high res unboxing and setup photos. (via TiVo Insights)

6 responses to Com Hem TiVo In The Wild

  1. Looks to be Samsung hardware, not Cisco.

  2. I could be underestimating the American public, but I think a fully Swedish interface will encounter resistance stateside.

  3. Thanks, Steve – you’re right and I’ll correct when I’m back home in a few hours.

  4. Interface is available in Swedish and English. This is TiVo’s first IPTV deployment.

  5. IPTV TiVo? Could Uverse be on the map here in the USA? It would provide IPTV folks with an alternative if they wish. That is always good.

  6. Forgive I’m being dumb, long rough day

    But what’s the potential of what it can do if its iptv
    No cable standards ?
    And seems like Verizon has no incentive to cooperate
    Not sure about uverse

    Just wishing they could improve finding me shows I would like
    I almost miss out on under the dome and camp

    Or maybe other feature like season pass a new fall show months in advance when their is buzz on it and promotional commercial

    Make TiVo smart about shows starting late because of sports
    I always have trouble with 60mins in particular
    It would be cool if certain shows needed to check in with TiVo close to start time to make sure it starts
    Ate if delayed

    I just feel they have not been on an innovative since they got rid of the engineers many years ago
    6 tuners is nice and all but making shows record perfectly without assistance from me build superiority
    I bet they could even patent it like last minute check in

    And yes it would be epic if they had their own android App Store built in and only approved relevant and tested apps

    Maybe an app to see my hom security cam who’ll watching tv
    Or caller I’d from cell phone, in case it’s in another room

    There is room for so many things they could do to make a truly refined product. Why not support the ability to mirror what’s on my desktop for when media companies are being difficult saying I can only watch a premium Hulu show on a pc not a tv

    I would love hear other people’s ideas
    Especially if its not your typical more tuner larger drive wish
    At this point be nice to get space thru native mp4 recording

    Idk I’m just sad
    I love TiVo but looks like they need a messiah to save them