Wireless WeMo Light Switch Hits Retail (For $50)

WeMo Light Switch

First unveiled at CES, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch is finally ready for its closeup… and the WiFi accessory will be hitting retail outposts any day now for $50. Of course, WeMo is Belkin’s attempt to bring home automatation to the masses with broad distribution and an IFTTT approach. And while WeMo is another self-contained system, unlike Nest, the company offers multiple modules (that can be configured to work together). Further, unlike my $70 bedroom RF Lutron dimmer, WeMo doesn’t require new remote clutter and relies on our existing (iPhone or Android) smartphone for control.

I’ve yet to install the WebMo Light Switch, but did want to pass on a few considerations for those in the market… First, this truly appears to be a ‘switch’ versus a ‘dimmer’ – which is probably a deal breaker for me. Also, the WeMo will only work in a single pole configuration, requiring a neutral wire, and isn’t compatible with 3-way multi-control switches. Lastly, while it’s also rated for CFL and LED, if you go with incandescent the max load is 600W.

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  1. I have the Verizon version of this, which comes with cameras, thermostat, similar light switch features and a keypad door lock, devices to let you know if a window’s been opened, etc. Have had it for over a year now.

    Best features: front door lock which texts/emails when someone comes in and out. Good way to know if kids are home, if service people are there or gone, no need for keys, Keypad feature much better than phone-only locks because it’s just one less thing to lose/have the batter die on.
    You can’t lock the door remotely though, which would be handy if you are away and realize you forgot to lock it
    thermostat can be adjusted via iPhone – great when leaving on a trip and realizing you left the AC on full blast
    light switches can be set on timer and/or turned on and off remotely via phone

    Problem with that — and the Belkin product – is that most US homes feature wired overhead lighting, not lamps, and so it’s only useful in rooms with lamps unless you have electrician skills or want to hire one.

  2. ^^ The IFTTT feature is great though – I have it set to turn on a lamp when I open the front door using my “nighttime” code – that’s a great feature at night.

  3. I hope you install one and post a follow up review. Would like to hear how it actually works in day to day use and if you think its worth it.

  4. Picked one up at BestBuy yesterday. Installation took about 20 mins and was for the most part easy. The biggest thing is to make sure you have the correct wiring.

    To me, the Light Switch is much more practical than the wireless light bulbs (Hue, Lifx, etc). With those, you must always have your light switch on. If someone switches off that particular room, there go your wireless toys.

    The Wemo app can detect when the Light Switch is on/off so you always have control over that. There is no up and down of an actual switch, but more of a push button.

    Going to pick up more of these today and install them. Will need to get a different switch plate, but it looks like the Light Switch uses a standard dimmer section. Similar to this:

    Overall, think this is a great addition to the Wemo products. Love the integration with IFTTT. Wasn’t there talk of a Wemo Garage Door opener as well? Maybe that will be next.

  5. Yeah, I had to pick up a similar switch plate when I installed my Lutron as I was too lazy at the time to exchange the toggle switch for the bar thingy. Still trying to decide if I’ll bother installing the WeMo. Hm. My outdoor garage lights are CFLs with light sensors and indoor I really want dimmers on just about all of our lighting. Hm.

  6. Great….now I went out and bought dusk-to-dawn light bulbs…I’m sure my wife will thank you for that. :-D

  7. Yeah, can’t use this many places in the house. Either three-way multi-control or dimmers or multiple switches per plate or …

    My experience with the basic WeMo was problematic. Worked great for a while then after an update couldn’t get it to lock onto my Wi-Fi after a reset. Never resolved it after a certain number of hours invested and gave up. Sitting on the floor unused with a note to myself that I need to try to get it working again.

  8. I bought the original WeMo, the little box that plugs into an outlet and turns a lamp (or whatever device) on and off. I hope you test and report on this thing. My original WeMo box never worked right. I emailed the Belkin tech support, every time it was the usual, “update the firmware”. I did that 3 times as new firmware came out, it never worked right. Now I can’t return it because it’s been more than a month.

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