Netflix Profiles Land On Apple TV


Over the years, Netflix has dabbled in user profiles — allowing folks on the same account to build up their own queue and receive personalized recommendations. And, via GigaOm, we’ve learned that the latest profile iteration is now available within the Apple TV Netflix app. As you can see above, the feature is activate in my account (and we’ve recently enjoyed streaming Orange is the new Black and Copper).

5 thoughts on “Netflix Profiles Land On Apple TV”

  1. “and we’ve recently enjoyed streaming … Copper”

    I think you are confused here. You stream your programming via copper, (unless you’re on FIOS, of course). You don’t actually stream the copper itself.

    Now, if you are getting your jollies by heating up copper to 2,000 degrees to turn it liquid and watching it stream across your kitchen table, I take back my semantic objection.


    As an aside, the minor advances Apple TV has been making over Roku of late are precisely why Amazon has no choice but to release it’s own streamer box, and sooner rather than later. If one assumes an Amazon app can’t ever find its way to an Apple box, which I think is a reasonably safe assumption, then Amazon needs to provide a way for content customers of theirs like me to have access to a state-of-the-art box without having to rely solely on Roku’s ability to deliver.

    (Now, if Eddy Cue is really short-term sharp, he’ll find some sweetheart deal with the MSO’s to make the Apple box the exclusive way to get authenticated cable content like HBO Go and the like via 3rd party equipment, thus crippling Amazon’s efforts. Which will work swell until the anti-trust folks swoop in…)

  2. Considering I’m really the only one managing our Netflix account and we frequently watch stuff together, I’m thinking of killing Melissa’s profile so I won’t have to click on my name every time I launch Netflix on Apple TV. But now that my mom has moved up north, been thinking of getting her a Roku or aTV… and she might need a Netflix profile of her own.

  3. Maybe I’m slow today, but does @Chucky not understand that Copper is the name of a movie? Surely he’s not being *that* guy……

  4. I was excited to rush home to try this out, but alas, no love. Wonder how they’re rolling this out. One of my most requested features of Netflix (right behind better content and a way to mark shows as ‘watched’).

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