Roku Streaming Stick Remote Updated For Audio Output

Dave Zatz —  June 26, 2013

RC03 and RC04 RF remote control models are mechanically and electrically identical except that RC03 contains audio codec IC (U11) and several additional passive components needed for its proper operation, as well as it’s equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for headset connection.

The clever remote control audio out capabilities introduced with the Roku 3 will be making their way to the Roku Streaming Stick according to today’s FCC filing. Despite new MHL-compatible partners, we can’t imagine Streaming Stick sales have been significant… as it’s often cheaper and always conceptually simpler to bring “Smart TV” capabilities to a HDTV via a set-top. And we suspect Roku would be better served by integrating their platform directly into the television, as Vudu once attempted, should they find any takers. (Thanks Brad!)

3 responses to Roku Streaming Stick Remote Updated For Audio Output

  1. Also, given the frequencies and reports, it’s worth reiterating that both the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 3, and this updated remote communicate via “WiFi Direct” – versus the Bluetooth utilized by the Roku 2 (and gaming remote).

  2. I keep hoping they’ll noticed the missed opportunity with that remote and add IR to it. It would be so nice if I could turn the volume up and down on the TV with that control (instead of only when headphones are plugged in)… one less remote I have to have sitting around.

  3. I think you couldn’t be wronger about the integration. How often do you buy a new TV? What’s that integrated Roku/Vudu/Netflix going to look like in 4 years? Oh, wait. I can upgrade to the latest plug for $99 and all I have to is swap it out? Sweet!