Logitech announced that it plans to retain ownership of its Harmony remote product line. The company has determined that retaining ownership is in the best interest of its shareholders. #

Logitech's Xbox 180?

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  1. Now if they would only improve the software and actually release a new remote that is not this 100% touch screen junk they have been peddling the past year. They just need to update the Harmony One.

  2. I looked recently and really didn’t see anything else that foot the bill other than the Harmony One (now discontinued and I have one – needed another remote, though). So, I go to eBay and buy a refurb. I’d have happily bought a ‘Harmony Two’ or some like device but every device since the Harmony One seems to have a lot of people (Amazon Reviews) saying, “It’s a step backwards,” and, “The buttons are now oddly placed.”

  3. Grant, just got a new review loaner in the mail – it’s a combo job with smartphone app that controls a puck AND a a bundled non-touchscreen remote. It’s an interesting hybrid approach I plan to write up in the next couple weeks. And, unlike last year’s Touch, this model can be configured via app! Probably not with the same granularity, but it’s a start.

  4. Please start making the Harmony 300 again. I’m going to buy like 20 so I never run out.

  5. If the puck thing can do macros from the smartphone app, I’d try it. All it has to do is: “Watch Apple TV” -> switch to input N and launch Apple remote app. “Watch TiVo” -> switch to input M and launch TiVo app. “Control TV” launch Samsung TV Remote app. Etc. The few things that need IR can of course have on screen remote simulations with buttons and everything if they insist.

  6. I wish they would increase their device limit. That is the only thing I have not liked about my Harmony Remotes over the years.They can only handle 15 devices which has never been enough. And the lower model remotes even handle fewer devices.

    I’ve been using several Harmony One remotes since they were released and have been very pleased with them. But I have not seen any of their newest remotes as a worthy replacement since they all seem to be a step or two backwards.

  7. @aaronwt: 15 devices? Seems like a lot. But maybe I’m missing something. A TV, receiver, blueray player, Roku, XBox, Apple TV, Soundbar, two TiVo’s, a Wii, a PS3, uhh… how do you get to 15 devices again?