Redbox Instant Headed To Google TV & Roku

Dave Zatz —  May 18, 2013


Despite the sudden glut of video streaming services, the joint Redbox-Verizon initiative presses on. And, according to GigaOm, up next for the $8/month service will be Google TV and Roku clients. Given the Android set-top’s limited penetration, having failed to land on the “majority” of televisions, and upcoming retirement of Flash I’m somewhat surprised Redbox Instant has prioritized gTV ahead of 5 million Rokus… but perhaps it’s a simple(r) matter of porting their existing Android app over developing for a new platform (that I know has caused significant challenges for another manufacturer in this space). At the moment, Amazon Prime Instant meets most of our all-you-can-eat streaming needs and I’m not aware of many Redbox Instant subscribers in my circle. Perhaps, if they build it, the customers will come.

3 responses to Redbox Instant Headed To Google TV & Roku

  1. We have Amazon Prime and Netflix in our house. I can’t think of a reason to get Redbox Instant. The included disc rentals might be nice if the selection wasn’t so bad.

  2. I tried it out but ultimately cancelled due to poor streaming selection. I didn’t see much if anything I couldn’t get with amazon or netflix that I had any remote interest in.

  3. I tried RedBox instant when it was in beta and it was terrible. I tried it again later and it was still terrible. A terrible selection. They have a long ways to go to catch up to Amazon and Netflix.