AT&T Intros Box With Many Antennae

Dave Zatz —  April 26, 2013


“In case of online attack, please use the emergency shutoff valve.” -Ed Bott

5 responses to AT&T Intros Box With Many Antennae

  1. I think I’ll wait for the version with the magnifying glass and the scissors.

  2. OK – So the box has multiple antennas. Read the articles that describe what it does – it looks like a very cool device for people who want an “online” house!

  3. I have an online house… which doesn’t run $30-$40/mo and doesn’t require mounting Sputnik Jr. to the wall. ;) However, I’m all for more mainstream home automation solutions. But personally looking for the sort of elegance found with Nest and Dropcam.

  4. “I have an online house”

    Take the next step. The real trick is to get your house hosted on AWS, thus allowing you to sell your physical house and bank the profits.

  5. Just guessing, but “Sputnik Jr” probably has 2 antennae to act as a wifi base and a third for cellular communications. No idea what the knobby thing might be. What’s the difference what it looks like? It’s a “back office” device. I’d be interested to see what the other user facing devices look like – cameras, thermostats, intrusion detection devices, motion sensors, etc… This is primarily a home alarm system. A quick check of ADT’s website shows $35 to $45 a month fees. The stuff that Nest and Dropcam do are simply value added extras on this. Will your Dropcam still communicate via cellular with you if a thief cuts the cables coming to your house?? I don’t see how you can compare?