The Roku LT Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  February 6, 2013


Roku remains our top choice in the over-the-top streamer category. Yeah, an interface overhaul is long overdue and we could use a few more tent pole channels (such as YouTube or ESPN3), but Roku provides the best bang for the buck in this category. Especially the 720p Roku LT and Roku HD which clock in at a mere $50-$60 bucks. In fact, the Roku LT earned box-of-the-year honors in 2011 and we’ve lost count of how many Rokus we’ve purchased as gifts (often with a Netflix subscription and a suggestion to check out Plex). Well the folks at Roku facilitated an upgrade to a Roku 2 XS for coverage purposes, thus freeing up my Roku LT for a giveaway. And entering is as easy as it gets — simply leave a comment if you want in. (US residents in the lower 48 only, please.) We’ll choose one winner at random in a few days. Good luck!

154 responses to The Roku LT Giveaway

  1. First! Now gimmie that Roku!

  2. Would love to win one!

  3. We have one, but could use another!

  4. Have a Coke and a Roku

  5. I never win anything!

  6. Sweeeet! Roku, probably the best TV accessory I’ve ever bought….or was that TiVo….dammit!

  7. Yes, I definitely want in!

  8. Nice! Would love one!

  9. Very nice….

  10. Roku please! thanks

  11. Always wanted a Roku, nobody around here carries them in-store.

  12. Dave you are the best!

  13. It’d be nice to get one.

  14. Great blog Dave. I appreciate your analysis on a regular basis. Would love to get the Roku…

  15. Roku is pretty decent. If TiVo could add hbo go I’d be all set

  16. Great little box; love to have it!

  17. I’ll try a Roku…

  18. Enjoy the site, Dave. Thanks!

  19. Count me in …

  20. Comment!

  21. Everyone can use another Roku!

  22. Pair it with Plex and I might like it more than Apple TV.

  23. Oh, how my kids would love to have a Roku in the playroom!

  24. I’ll take it. Pick me! :)

  25. Count me in

  26. Kids need a Roku

  27. would love to rock this roku!

  28. I want to go to there

  29. Love the Roku, I need one for my kids room.

  30. Rokus rock.

  31. Yes please!

  32. Hey Zatz! Pick me, pretty please. :)

  33. I could use a roku

  34. Roku Rocks!

  35. A bargain at twice the price!

  36. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) February 6, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    I’ve always wanted a Roku!! thanks for the chance!!

  37. I love my roku but its an ancient model.

  38. I like Roku. I like Dave.

  39. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Yay! HBO Go!

  41. In for one.

  42. Pick me!!

  43. Everybody loves a giveaway.

  44. Love Roku!

  45. In please…

  46. Put me in for 1!

  47. I haven’t won anything from you a while. Seems like I’m due :)

    Thanks as always for great articles!

  48. The Roku would be so much better than streaming via my Panasonic Blu-ray player!

  49. I’d love it

  50. Sounds great!,,

  51. I’ve never had one

  52. I’m in. Would be good for one of the kids TV’s.


  53. Roku > AppleTv

  54. I could use it!

  55. Michael Burstin February 6, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    I could use it for NHL GameCenter

  56. i can make better use of it by watching netflix.

  57. In it to win it!

  58. Insert witty comment here.

  59. I want to go to there!

  60. Love my Roku. Could use another.

  61. Thanks for thinking of us.

  62. Having another Roku would help me cut the cable cord… please?

  63. I would love it

  64. Love to have another one.

  65. Roku + Plex is fantastic, breathed new life into my Roku. Can’t live without it.

  66. Thanks for the chance to win. Would be a nice addition.

  67. Have come close to pulling the trigger on a Roku purchase but haven’t so far. Would love to try one.

  68. Hook a brother up!

  69. I would love a Roku!

  70. I just bought a new tv now all I need is a roku. Please pick me

  71. Tivo is catching up but still a bunch of apps would be needed to not want a roku.

  72. Roku, Roku, Roku! Thanks for the great giveaway

  73. Whilst typing this comment, I am not wearing pants.

  74. Would love to try one out.

  75. Love the blog Dave!

  76. This interests me!

  77. I would love to have this cord cutting device !!!



  78. Count me in!

  79. I would use it, haven’t tried it yet

  80. Jon the Heretic February 7, 2013 at 8:14 am

    This is by far my favorite blog…

    Interested in the Roku…..

  81. Count me in….would love a Roku for the kids room!

  82. woo, free stuff.

  83. I’m ready to try one out.

  84. Thanks for your site.

  85. I’d love to win this for my brother who can’t afford cable anymore. Thanks! Keep up the great site!

  86. I’d love a Roku!

  87. Need a streaming player for my bedroom…please:)?

  88. Yes please

  89. Pick me, pick me!!

  90. We…will…we…will…Roku

  91. Count me in

  92. just returned my xs2 cause it wasn’t worth $100, but i’d gladly take an LT for free!

  93. Yes Please.

  94. Sign me up!

  95. Yes please!

  96. Love the site, thanks for all the hard work. Winning a Roku would be great.

  97. I’ve been on the edge of buying one for a while now. I’d really like to get something that can stream Amazon Instant Video. I’ve got a wii, but using it for anything other than games is a pain.

  98. Always wanted to try one of these!

  99. Already have a Roku 2 XS (and an old HD-XR), but could use a LT to give away as a gift.

  100. Sweet! Hope I win this. :-)

  101. In it to win it!

  102. I’ve never had a roku or similar. Would like to try one…

  103. Very generous of you to pass along that Roku. Pretty please pass it over here? :-)

  104. I’d love one for my kids….

  105. this would make my life much easier :)

  106. Love the site!


  108. Zatz a nice Roku you got there.

  109. Yes please.

  110. I’ll take it.

  111. I’m in! Thx!

  112. I’ll take a shot at it.. Now if we could stream our tivo shows to it.. that would be sweet..

  113. Pick me, Monty!

  114. I would love to get a Roku LT

  115. I’d of course love to be selected. Thanks for doing these giveaways Dave!

  116. Haven’t had a chance to play with one of these. Love to try.

  117. Always enjoy the good info, and the giveaways are nice too.

  118. Please let me win the roku!

  119. I’d love a free roku! Thanks Dave!

  120. Can always use another gadget :)

  121. I’d like a free roku long time.

  122. I need a Roku really

  123. Love me a Roku!

  124. Roku! Roku! Roku!

  125. I’ll take that Roku off your hands!

  126. Roku? I’ll take 6!

  127. This giveaway is great!

  128. I could always use another Roku. Thanks, Dave for the opportunity!

  129. Show me the love

  130. OH wow so many entries! I think the Roku is really cool ever since I heard about it a year or two ago. I’d def. hook up my Netflix and Hulu while playing the latest level of angry birds. Jk, I’m not *that* good at the game. Would be awesome if I won! Thanks for the chance :)

  131. Would love to give a Roku a swing.

  132. im in! damn i had to scroll alot

  133. Been considering a Roku, so I’m game.

  134. I’d love to win that Roku. I could watch a whole lot of cool stuff on it.

  135. Do you think it’s better, worse, or different than AppleTV? I’d love to find out…;)

  136. Luv my Roku!

  137. I haven’t won ANYTHING…

  138. has declared #17, secdroid as the winner! Better luck next time folks. We have a Lifeproof, Vizio Costar, and TiVo Stream to give away in the next month or three… so stay tuned.