Next Gen DirecTV C41 Genie Client Visits FCC

Dave Zatz —  February 20, 2013


The DirecTV C41 next gen “advanced whole home client” made a brief appearance at the FCC. And it really is a limited engagement, as there’s not much to contemplate beyond the label above and reference to the 2.4GHz RF. However, last month Pace fired off a press release announcing DirecTV’s hardware successors:

Pace (LSE: PIC), a leading global developer of advanced technologies for service providers, today announced the recent approval for production of DIRECTV’s next generation HR44 “Genie” Media Server and C41 “mini Genie” device. These innovative new products are developed in compliance with the RVU protocol.

The announcement goes on to say that these boxes are intended to replace the existing DirecTV Genie H34 and C31 whole-home DVR hardware – a solution Engadget declared “the best” (along with DISH’s Hopper). Interestingly, while Pace may be behind the announcement, it’s Technicolor who submitted the new hardware to the FCC for review.

4 responses to Next Gen DirecTV C41 Genie Client Visits FCC

  1. The only issue is that RVU is bitmap drawn. You’ll never see fancy apple quartz extreme / Microsoft Aero like graphic effects. An iPhone 3G will have smoother graphics just sliding between app pages.

    Hope RVU 2.0 boosts the protocol with RemoteFX like technology.

  2. Check your source before challenge others man. Pace C41 passed FCC, UL and is already in production since late last year while Technicolor still trying design the box. mmm… i wonder who is really behind…..

  3. Cat fight! Since you clearly work at Pace, maybe you can help us understand this Technicolor box that just passed through the FCC in relation to Pace. Are both companies manufacturing them?

    And, yes, I do now see both Pace models passed through the FCC 11/29. Here’s the equivalent C41:

  4. I guess the pace version will be out first then! Yeah they source a few manufacturers to build the gear. More sources keep prices in check.

    The FCC docs confirm the only wireless is the ZigBee standard for the RF remote control. No wifi here. Still need a standard moca connection or external moca to wifi bridge.