MLB.TV Headed To TiVo "Soon"

Dave Zatz —  February 27, 2013


While there wasn’t much consumer-related news to come out of TiVo’s quarterly call, they did drop a single nugget of bloggable intel with indications that MLB is headed to the Premiere platform. While they referred to the offering as, we’ve confirmed with TiVo that we’re talking MLB.TV – baseball’s subscription-based online streaming service. It’s no secret we’re currently down on the TiVo Premiere’s app performance, but this is a solid win for both the company and ball fans… especially with reports that the TiVo Mini (and incoming MSO Pace XG1 hardware) are powered by more suitable, modern Broadcom chips for a snappier experience. TiVo’s CEO Tom Rogers says we should expect MLB “soon” … along with more “personalization and social media features” in the next year.

15 responses to MLB.TV Headed To TiVo "Soon"

  1. as a cord cutter, i use everyday during the season, so this is great news for me. but like you said, the app performance is dismal in the tivo so i am not hoping for much.

  2. Good to see more apps, but like all the rest I won’t use it. I don’t watch or care about sports.

    I wonder if the social features means Pique may actually launch.

  3. It’s probably a few things. We know at one time they were considering user profiles, but based on comments by TiVo Evan who stated users find it creepy, it seems they’ve moved on and suspect we’ll have more sharing built into the box – Virgin TiVos already have Twitter and Facebook apps. Piques probably part of the equation, but perhaps bigger than just the TiVo ecosystem. And they did mention creating online portals with MSOs, so they’d be tie-in there. Although I suspect it’s distinct from the Pique initiative. Not to mention “What to Watch” coming to the mobile TiVo apps includes a section of trending programming.

  4. Hopefully NHL Gamecenter will be down the road as well.

  5. The one thing I just want to see from TiVo is the ability to track what I have seen. This becomes more and more necessary as the content is available from multiple different sources. Of course expanding this so record with repeats allows the option to record only repeats you haven’t watched would be nice also.

  6. I would like to see nba gametime or leaguepass added,by the way will we be able to set up recordings of games? or only watch them live?

  7. @celticpride, I don’t know how NBA works, but with the NHL GameCenter, you can go to their website/iOS app and simply use the calendar to choose which game you want to watch — be it live, in progress or a few days old.

  8. Cool, more facebook and twitter sharing. Looking forward to that.

    (n.b.: The above post was sarcasm.)

  9. Give us HBO and showrime apps. Now that would be major.

  10. Nah, they’d still be annoyingly slow.

  11. I want to get excited about apps but I can’t anymore. In its current state, the Tivo is just a plain, bad app platform. Slow and crashy to the point of not even wanting to touch them.

    The Mini may be faster but time will quickly tell if it’s any less crashy. And even then, I don’t want to use apps just from the Mini.

  12. Newsflash – MLB is not remotely ‘America’s Pastime’ anymore. Even a regular season NFL game beat the World Series(!) in ratings. MLB is a low hanging fruit, and as usual, a last gasp for TiVo. Lawsuit revenue is probably running out…..

    Facebook, Twitter, MLB…..TiVo seems to be TRYING to give me reasons to drop them.

  13. They should still have some more years of lawsuit revenue. Plus I don’t think their patents expire until 2017 or 2018.

  14. “along with more “personalization and social media features” in the next year.”

    We can only hope this will take the form of a camera built-in to all hardware, facial recognition software, and mandatory Facebook and Twitter posts every half hour that the teevee is being watched showing both the content viewed, along with a snapshot of the viewer at that moment. (Obviously, TiVo should automatically set up Twit and FB accounts if a viewer doesn’t already posses one, for convenience’s sake.)

    I think I can safely say that this is the holy grail of social media features we’ve all been awaiting. TiVo has a real shot to beat Intel to the punch here.

  15. You jest… but remember TiVo is the company that’s applied for various remote control-related RFID. Big TiVo Brother will be watching. ;)