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It was a long time coming, as an eager customer, but Verizon finally pulled the wraps off live tablet television late last year. Their updated iPad app provides FiOS TV subscribers access to 75 channels. Well, in reality, it’s “up to” 75 channels as you may not subscribe to all offerings… as I discovered the hard way. Overall, the app is easy to use and generally works well — turning that iPad into the kitchen or deck television (given it only streams in the home). I did encounter the occasional playback bug, usually resolved with an app relaunch, and the video previews are technically impressive but not quite as useful as traditional channel logos. Presumably more social interaction and Android support will be arriving this year, as well as enabling access from smaller screened smartphones. Given Verizon’s licensing approach, the solution isn’t nearly as expansive as the TiVo Stream. On the other hand, it doesn’t require the purchase of a TiVo ($150+) and streaming accessory ($130).

As Verizon continues offering options beyond the set-top, they’ve also flipped the switch on LG “smart” televisions and Blu-ray players, joining Samsung’s recent lineup and an expanded Xbox offering. Leading me to question the viability of all these rumored (Apple, Intel, Sony) virtual MSOs as the incumbents are continuing to expand their product offerings in modern, innovative ways. Albeit not as fast as we’d like.

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  1. i remember when this feature was announced, because comcast had just released their ipad app. i waited and waited and i now i have moved… far away from any fios possibility. meanwhile, i’m now a direct tv customer (love it) and they on-demand programming on their ipad app that can be watched on their ipad, but its no live content thats for sure.

    oh, check out my new gadget. its an ipad stand with a goose neck. i can now edit and consume content in style and its awesome.

  2. Link is busted. For me anyway (who no longer has a Facebook account). I need some more clever stands or wall mounts for my various devices. A goose neck iPad stand for bedtime “TV” would be cool (since my wife insists on watching those crappy reality shows in my presence).

  3. The streaming video is nice, but too bad it is limited to only a subset of channels. I’m fine with it being limited to in-home use, but why can’t I just as easily stream my local NBC affiliate? Ugh!

    I’m miffed at the app because while the streaming works, I’ve lost the ability to control my Verizon STB with it. At least that functionality still works on my wife’s iPhone, or I’d be in “tech support” trouble.

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