Slingbox Client Comes To Netgear NeoTV Streamers

Dave Zatz —  January 11, 2013


Among Sling Media and Netgear’s various CES announcements is news that Slingbox streaming is coming to the NeoTV line of streamers. Of course, we’d probably expect a repurposing of the original Flash-based Logitech Revue SlingPlayer for the new (and slightly bulkier) NeoTV Prime running Google TV. But the more Roku-esque models, including the NeoTV MAX we reviewed, will also receive dedicated apps – perhaps as soon as next week. So, for the first time, you can get your hands on a “SlingCatcher” for as little as 50 bucks and stream your Slingbox content to another television in your home… or perhaps to a set in the ski lodge, given sufficient bandwidth. Of course the follow-on question is, “Where’s the Roku client?” And while Sling reps weren’t prepared to elaborate, I get the sense there are both technical and business considerations at play.

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  1. How does Neo stack up to Roku in your opinion? Pretty similar?

  2. There’s a few skus of both. The mid and higher-end Netgear boxes come with nice QWERTY remotes… if you can stand the sponsored app buttons. The selection of content isn’t as broad. But on the other hand, several hundred of Roku’s channel are crap or religious – including the recently launched Jesus for Sinners. Also, the mid and higher-end boxes integrate Intel’s wireless display (WiDi), should you happen to have a compatible laptop and that could be quite compelling for some. And of course this new SlingPlayer changes the equation for many. There is no one perfect or best box. Depends on one’s goals.

    The NeoTV SlingPlayer(s) can handle up to 1080p and streams from SOLO, PRO-HD, 300, and 500 Slingbox models.

  3. I’m confused Dave – if I can already watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. on my laptop and tablet via the native apps, why do I need this box? For when I’m out of the country or for devices that don’t have apps?

  4. Alan, think of the Netgear box like a Roku – bringing these over the top services to your television. But what makes it interesting is that it now receives content via Slingbox. So if my Slingbox is hooked up to my primary DVR in the family room and I have a NeoTV in the bedroom, I can watch all that recorded content upstairs. Or let’s say I’m a Dolphins fan – I can stick a Slingbox in my mom’s Florida condo and stream to my NeoTV in Virginia to watch them lose on the big screen. And you can catch the Slingbox content on your tablet and laptop if you’re on the road but don’t want to travel with a NeoTV. :)

  5. “Or let’s say I’m a Dolphins fan – I can stick a Slingbox in my mom’s Florida condo and stream to my NeoTV in Virginia to watch them lose on the big screen.”

    But if you do so, the NFL will track you down to the ends of the earth and subject you to repeated concussions until you acquire CTE.

    Is violating the NFL’s terms and conditions really worth a disastrous accumulation of tau protein?

  6. @Dave – Got it – it is a two-in-one combo: a Slingbox-for-your-STB and DVR plus a Roku-like device for OTT content. A floor wax and a dessert topping. (Let’s see who is old enough to get that reference)

    I initially thought you meant it only Slang (Slinged?) the contents of the Roku-like device.

    That is a great deal as the price is half what it would cost to buy both devices.

  7. Just received the NeoTV300 from amazon ($39.99). No slingplayer app to be found.

    Anyone have info on when that might be released?

  8. Brian, as posted above Sling thought it could arrive as early as this week. I’ll check in to see if they have a better or revised estimate.

  9. Heard back from my contact – release has been pushed to at least next week and there’s nothing definitive I can relay at this time. Hopefully it’ll show up soon. And hopefully it’ll be good. You’ll have to let us know!

  10. Dave, much appreciate you checking on that. Will let you know if I see if show up and report back.

  11. Michael Burstin January 19, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I just booted mine up and had an update available — but still no Slingplayer. I pretty much bought mine strictly because it had WiDi support (and was cheaper than any stand-alone WiDi boxes) so Sling is pretty much a bonus (thought it would also be nice if they added NHL Gamecenter – I am doing Center Ice right now but may try Gamecenter since they seem to be all HD, while Comcast only has 1 (or maybe 2) HD channels in Boston.

  12. leave it to the idiots at sling to make promises they don’t keep….just recovering from the whole IPAD HQ fiasco….if they say next week….we might get it in a few months. The only reason I bought neotv was for slingplayer…….I wish there was an alternative, but Slingbox is the only game in town……ever since DishNetwork bought them they suck….

  13. Turned on my neotv max pro a few minutes ago and the update was for the slingplayer!

  14. Michael Burstin January 26, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    I seem to have gotten the update — but it sorta sucks. Slow to load and it seems to want to re-load/optimize the connection whenever the connection quality changes. The remote seems a bit painful to use — though that is also a limitation of trying to emulate the sling remote on the NEO remote.

  15. Agree with Michael. Singplayer is now there. Experience is pretty terrible. Probably 2 minutes from the time you turn your TV until you are actually watching content. Good luck to you if you want to actually change the channel, browse your tivo etc. Laggy, delay, and not intuitive.

    While more expensive, iphone/ipad+apple tv streaming is a much better experience.

    I’d return the neotv if it wasn’t beyond my amazon return timeframe. As is, it will be going into the electronics graveyard soon.

  16. Does the sling player app for connected devices have a program guide similar to the ones on the ipad and iphone apps? Or do you have to use your internet providers guide which takes a little bit longer to load and scroll through?

  17. joe, the Connected Player doesn’t overlay a guide and you’d be going through your source device… which could be somewhat tedious as you imply. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they don’t charge for it the way they do with mobile? Hm.