Gamestop Offers $50 Console Trade-In Bonus

gamestop creditAs my most recent Xbox 360 (4GB model) has been collecting dust, given its noise pollution and annual tax, I’ve been contemplating switching the hardware up for another PS3 or handheld PS Vista ($250). And that was my plan when I arrived at Gamestop to redeem their $50 PS3 or Xbox 360 console credit bonus. While Gamestop rarely offers great trade-in values, it’s always extremely efficient. But the extra 50 bucks brought my $200 console up to $125 — which is quite reasonable considering how long I’ve had it, including the last year it’s been banished to storage. Yet, before the helpful clerk could bring my new PS Vita Assassin’s Creed bundle out from the back, I noticed Gamestop now offers a healthy selection of tablets including the 32GB Nexus 7 and entire range of Kindle Fires.

amazon kindle fire hd

My current iPad 3 hasn’t been able to replace a laptop and I find it too bulky to comfortably use on the couch, so my plan has been to replace it with both the $250 Samsung Chromebook for light “work” and a 7″ tablet for recreation. I find the Nook HD and Nexus 7 more comfortable to hold with one hand, but I am deep into Amazon’s ecosystem and Gamestop sweetened the deal with a $25 Amazon gift card… which was enough encouragement to take the plunge on the 7″, $200 Amazon Kindle Fire HD. For effectively $45. And I’m now in the market for a decent case and perhaps a repeat Black Friday-esque deal ($179) on the PS Vita.

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  1. Some notes… I’m still waiting for my Chromebook to ship. Amazon’s been out of stock a couple weeks. :/ Need it before CES. If Gamestop had the $200 Nexus 7, I would have opted for that more model (feel, speed, versatility given pure Android) but they only had the $250, 32GB model. Also, incidentally, I made arrangements to sell my third gen Kindle on Friday. I’ll write up the Kindle Fire HD maybe next week after I can sit it down next to my wife’s incoming iPad mini.

  2. Just curious what apps / games on Vita give you a burning desire to have one? It is bottom of the barrell seller behind even the original PSP sometimes so support for it may be very short lived other than as second screen for PS3/4 possibly.

  3. Gabe, Kindle Speakers seems real good. And I’d really like TiVo Stream access to take advantage of them. As on something like a plane, I’d be using headphones. Not sure if their Dolby licensing improves that presentation. I’m wondering if anyone makes kitchen cabinet or fridge mounts as we’ve seen some with the iPad.

    Brian, that’s one of the reasons I passed. At least temporarily. The hardware is extremely well rounded and fairly priced, but there just aren’t enough compelling games at the moment. What I’d prefer is an analog stick cradle case for the iPhone and games there.

  4. I heard Gamestop also has up to a $100 store credit if you trade in an original Kindle Fire toward the FireHD. I already have a 7″ and 8.9″ FireHD. So I’m thinking about trading in my original Fire and getting the Amazon $25 credit along with the Gamestop credit and just selling the 7″ FireHD I get from them. The deal is almost too good to pass up.

  5. smaller & better power brick & console faster only
    difference between the old & new consoles controller is the
    same no new featchers super fast shipping. great item

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