Entone Intros Magi Hybrid Cable Gateway

Mari Silbey —  October 15, 2012

Entone Magi cable TV gateway

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Entone, but the TV set-top company is ready to start raising its profile. Entone announced today that it’s introducing the Magi Hybrid CATV Media Gateway in conjunction with the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo show this week. The Magi is Entone’s first product specifically for cable, and it combines live TV, DVR and web-based video delivery under the FusionTV brand name

CEO Steve McKay says Magi boxes will ultimately come in multiple versions. A high-end Magi box will include many tuners, and full video transcoding capabilities in addition to DOCSIS, CableCARD, MoCA and Wi-Fi support. Lower-end boxes will skip the transcoding function and offer fewer tuners for a more basic service.

Interestingly, when I talked to McKay, he noted that Entone, which has traditionally focused solely on the IPTV space, would never have considered making cable hardware even a few years ago. He said that, “at that time it was suicide for a small company to compete with Motorola and Cisco.” Things have changed, however. McKay pointed out that cable networks are starting to look a lot more like telco networks, and that there’s huge uncertainty now about the two big set-top providers; Motorola because of the Google acquisition, and Cisco because of its greater focus on software with the purchase of NDS.

Entone Magi FusionTV interface for cable 1

Meanwhile, the entire pay-TV industry is finally starting to warm up to the idea of hybrid services, and to the reality of consumer demand for streaming video. Consider:

Arris’ gateway deployments, the Verizon Media Server made by Motorola that’s scheduled to launch shortly, the TiVo Stream (marketed at retail and to cable companies), and the DirecTV Nomad box powered by Morega.

Outside start-ups like Aereo and Simple.TV have also jumped on the hybrid bandwagon, with new hardware that pairs over-the-top video with IP networking. And of course there’s Sling. Sling’s two new retail boxes started shipping this past weekend.

3 responses to Entone Intros Magi Hybrid Cable Gateway

  1. Interesting insights on Moto and Cisco.

    It’s really unclear how the Entone gateway differentiates itself from gateways available from Pace and Arris. Do they have any MSOs signed up to use their gateway? Was there any indication on the cost of their gateways?

  2. I thought Google only bought Motorola’s wireless division, not all of Motorola.

  3. BradB, Google bought Motorola Mobility… which includes the set-top box division.

    By the by, they seem to be running the same UI as Channel Master’s OTA DVR which is powered by these guys: