Is This Logitech's Next Harmony Universal Remote?

Dave Zatz —  September 16, 2012


It’s been some time since Logitech significantly refreshed their Harmony line of universal remote controls. But, after that Google TV debacle, the company indicated a desire to double down on their earlier and more successful product lines (and acquisitions). And, if this description and prototype illustrations by a Logitech intern are any indication, the next Harmony is more Android handset than old school clicker. As explained, the “Magic Touch” Harmony would utilize voice, gesture, and motion control — in addition to offering a rich second screen guide. Of course, we’d also expect inclusion of Logitech’s ultimate device database and activity-based control. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear if this is merely a fanciful rendering or a production device headed to store shelves. We shall see… 

Update from Logitech: “Ashwini is not a Logitech employee and this was a concept study conducted earlier this year. It has nothing to do with actual product under development.”

(Thanks Khaled!)

13 responses to Is This Logitech's Next Harmony Universal Remote?

  1. #fail
    What they really need is two way control, not these gimmicks. How about some auto programming and no more Harmony Help Hell?

  2. No thanks. If I want a touch screen with information, I’ll use one of the many touch screen devices I already own.

    For my remote, I want hard buttons I can use in the dark. I have many Harmony remotes, so hopefully they continue with hard button remotes.


  3. Give me one with real buttons over some flat touch screen device. I like to be able to just pick it up and not have to look at the remote to know what I’m tapping. Of the rumored next Harmony’s, the Harmony 800 with the slide out keyboard looks better. Now if they just make it a reality.

  4. I also prefer tactile buttons and forgot about the leaked/rumored Harmony QWERTY 800.

    Logitech’s PR firm has reached out and asked me to pull this post – they say it’s incorrect and that they don’t comment on the future product roadmap. I asked which part(s) are inaccurate and offered to edit the post or include a statement from them…

  5. The reason I’ve not gotten a Harmony 900 is because of the touch screen. I downgraded from an 800 when it died to a 700 because I want hard buttons I can use without looking at the remote.

    I also don’t want to talk to my remote, my friends would make fun of me.

  6. Ugh, I guess it was the 880 that I had. It was nice that it had RF built in, but I had to give that up because I didn’t want the touch screen of the 900.

  7. “Logitech’s PR firm has reached out and asked me to pull this post – they say it’s incorrect and that they don’t comment on the future product roadmap. I asked which part(s) are inaccurate and offered to edit the post or include a statement from them…”

    If you got the story from inside Logitech, and you don’t want to burn someone, I can understand pulling it.

    Otherwise, just include an statement/correction from them, or else a disclaimer saying that Logitech disputes the item.

  8. I’m skeptical it’s a concept of a product that went further than this intern’s desk. Even if it may be real.

  9. “But, after that Google TV debacle”

    Well, frankly, given the debacle that is the Harmony Link, the remotes are also a place they shouldn’t double down on. I’m still waiting on software that works on Android 4, though it’s been a year+ since ICS was released, to say nothing of a STABLE version for Android 2.3 or iOS. And of course the passive-aggressive mods in the Logitech Harmony Forums who consider any criticism of the “perfect” hardware and software UI grounds for instant banning make it so easy to report glitches…

    Basically, if someone else stepped into the space right now, it would be over for Logitech.

  10. sparced, I obviously thought it was possible or we wouldn’t have run it (and Khaled has provided solid intel in the past). We’ve seen a few voice control and motion control remotes and Echostar/Sling once showed off a crazy content rich touch remote back at CES 2010. Not to mention these ideas could be repurposed for a revamped Harmony Link app. Alas, Logitech says this is merely a concept and there is no product in development. Which suggests the Harmony 800 QWERTY is next.

    Chucky, there’s no such thing as removing content from the Internet (but I did add append Logitech’s comment).

  11. I wish they’d put their efforts into really good setup software that makes sense. The current UI is nebulous and clunky.

  12. No, the Harmony 800 with Keyboard is on StandBy

    The NEXT Logitech Harlony Remote Control

    i don’t know if the TOUCH is the same as this “Magic Touch”

    The HARMONY TOUCH will be available On October 2012

    I’ve got this new from LOGITECH Harmony STAFF

  13. Quite correct, it is the Harmony Touch — as I found a Best Buy store that had the boxes out on the shelves this morning! I posted a couple pictures over at AVS forum: