Charter Drops TiVo… For TiVo


Wondering what happened to Charter’s stalled rollout of TiVo? Charter (CHTR) has updated their TiVo page with new details.

You want a better TV experience – loaded with better browsing capabilities, personalized recommendations, and integration with smart phones and tablets. And we’re dedicated to bringing it to you, just not through the launch of TiVo Premiere from Charter. Instead, we’re doing something even better. We’re pursuing software solutions that will integrate into our next-generation video platform, ultimately delivering even more capabilities to the Charter TV experience.

And from TiVo’s recent quarterly call:

In terms of our relationship with Charter Communications, both TiVo and Charter are focused on driving TiVo software to future set-top box platforms and potentially to already-deployed Charter set-top boxes. Obviously, deployment there has been slowed by the fact that Charter is now looking to utilize TiVo on a next-generation platform that is still being determined. So we don’t have as much visibility in the timing there as we’d like.

So it’s safe to say Charter’s goal of deploying TiVo across their footprint in 2012 is off the table. As to what comes next, guess we’ll have to wait and see. And, speaking of cable deals missing in action, neither TiVo nor Cox have had much to say about the partnership they inked in 2010. Yet, having moved one million Virgin Media TiVo boxes in the UK, perhaps Cox and Charter aren’t so relevant to TiVo these days.

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2 thoughts on “Charter Drops TiVo… For TiVo”

  1. Whatever Charter is NOT doing to improve their DVR service is ridiculous. Direct TV is light years ahead of this essentially poor excuse for a tv provider. I just moved into a new building and my sightline for satellite is off by 3 degrees, the building next door is now getting fios installed, hopefully this building is next. I’m a tolerant person but Charter is the absolute worst TV interface and DVR experience on the planet and should be barred from selling this sad excuse for a service provider. I am actively trying to find any alternative I can to get out of this sorry excuse for service. Keep evaluating, and before you know it you will not have any customers left. Not that Charter acually cares. This is really the worst television delivery system on the planet and I’ve had them all. Its a buggy whip company and should go out of business.

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