Logitech To Introduce Skype TV Cam HD


If the FCC and this promo video are any indication, Logitech is poised to unveil a new television-based video conferencing solution. However, unlike their previous entrants into this field, the TV Cam HD doesn’t rely on Logitech’s video conferencing software (like Google TV) or a tricked out television and offers a stand-alone Skype solution — something akin to TelyHD. Once networked via its Ethernet port or wireless via 802.11g/n, all that’s required is a television with a free HDMI port to video chat with friends of family sporting any sort of Skype-equipped device such as an iPhone or tablet.

Timing is unclear, but Best Buy has the Logitech TV Cam HD pegged at $200 and expected within 30 days. More pressing, is there a sufficiently sized market for this sort of product? Previous attempts haven’t fared so well… but our pal Michael Graves has pined for Skype on TiVo for years and perhaps we consumers are ready for a living room sized solution given the success of Apple’s Facetime.

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  1. If I had kids and relatives out of state who wanted to see them, I’d probably dig this. But I don’t. And I like sitting in front of the TV in my boxers… which is not something most folks want to see.

  2. I fall into that category, Dave. We live in Texas with our 16 month old, all the grandparents live in Florida. It’s tough to get a 16 month old to sit still in front of a computer for a period of time, so if we could just let her round around the living room while we all Skype, this is $200 well spent.

  3. I wonder why they don’t make it possible to add a webcam to Boxee/AppleTV/TiVo/etc. and simply create Skype software for it.

  4. Well, you can add Skype cameras to select Blu-ray players and Comcast is doing something with their latest STB. Not sure if it’s a lack of interest or poor marketing. TiVo and Boxee are probably too low circulation to risk floating this solution. Apple could do something with Facetime as an Apple TV accessory or integrated into THE mythical Apple TV. A next generation Kinect with additional or higher res camera for Xbox 360 video chat wouldn’t surprise me either.

  5. I believe it will be great if you receive Skype Audio or Video calls direct or recorded on email like answering machine

    on the camera there is an envelope icon, while on TV a handset and Video camera icons

  6. I agree, Dave. It would be nice if a consumer could easily integrate something like this (I’m looking at you Apple or Microsoft) into there current television scheme. With all of these companies competing for the living room, the cable and satellite companies have the best chances, because they have the HDMI 1 input and that ain’t goin’ to change anytime soon. Every one else is playing for second place.

  7. Khaled, given the icon on the camera I think some sort of video/voicemail will be an option. I went to pull up the manual again from the FCC, but it’s been pulled (along with the promo video and FCC photos). Logitech is fast – I should have made copies. ;)

  8. Interesting… Kind of like the Xfinity Skype device, minus the $9.95 a month fee and you OWN it (after upfront $200 purchase of course).

  9. I have a Cisco Umi setup on my TV that does amazing quality video conferencing, but I use it only every once in awhile. The kids talking to grandparents scenario is exactly how I use it.

    Umi to Umi calls are great looking, but Umi to Google Talk is ugly. You would likely need a similar setup to have decent video calls with this Logitech version. I’d rather not see a grainy SD picture on my plasma even if it’s the grandparents.

  10. There is a Skype webcam for my Vizio TV, and the TV has a Skype app. The camera is horrible, and the lack of noise cancellation meant the other person could hear themselves through our TV speakers. Took it back within a week. Now, that’s just an example of bad camera quality, but hopefully the Logitech follows the “Do one thing, and do it well” philosophy.

  11. Great idea, I’ll buy one if the reviews are any good.

    There’s a lot that they need to get right here though. The Umi was expensive for a reason (not that it was ever going to succeed, just sayin’). You’re sitting far away, the camera could be fixed wide angle and get a general idea but with the low resolution would you actually be able to make out people’s expressions, distinguish one person from another if they’re moving?

    Will the audio pickup from across the room be any good?

    An ideal implementation would probably have some sort of zoom, face recognition, auto follow the person talking, etc, and I’m not sure that’s going to happen here. But we’ll see.

    I’ll wait for a review. Hoping its good enough.

    If not, using a laptop with us all sitting close works just fine. But a living room solution would be easier certainly.

  12. I think the market for this would be interactive entertainment like dating services or pornography.

  13. Dave, there is another FCC Logitech Wireless HD WebCam which could be the top Logitech hit, leaked on the Creative Portfolio on this site and also the TV Cam but pulled from site

    the other Create, stream, collaborate wireless


    from link checkout “Logitech WiFi Webcam UI ” maybe this the software of it

  14. The strength of Logitech in Webcams & Software comes from having inhouse software & hardware developers, own plant, does web cams for Consumer & Business

    Also Logitech acquired many companies in the Pro Video Conference space the biggest LifeSize.com that compete with Cisco & Polycom

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