Half Off Slingbox Mobile Apps

For the first time in recent memory, Sling Media is running a sale on their mobile apps – that enable you to watch your home video service while on the road (or, perhaps, in other areas of your house) via smartphone or tablet. The SlingPlayer apps are a hefty 50% off through July 22, and I’m told the promotion is available worldwide. So if you were holding back on a purchase due to the steep $30 (US) fee, now may be a good time to get your placeshifting fix for a reasonable $15. FYI most current apps require Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD hardware, versus prior generation devices.

9 thoughts on “Half Off Slingbox Mobile Apps”

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    I’ve been utilizing the iPhone version on my IPad and will now get the IPad version.

    I won’t be as disappointed at this price point if the differences between the two are marginal.

  2. Rodalpho, yeah as I mentioned to someone on Twitter mobile is pretty much part of the core experience nowadays given our usage and versus when the Slingbox launched with only Windows support. Also, as mentioned on Twitter, this was one of my suggestions to the Sling sales team – I think they’d find more takers of both hardware and mobile apps with a lower price like this. There’s not too many $30 apps…

  3. Thanks for the tip, Dave. I think I’d better hold off for now, though, since I’d also need to upgrade from my original-generation box. Maybe after I’ve been back in the workforce for a few months!

  4. Anyone know if the newer version via promo is backward compatible with older hardware? I have 2 Slingbox Pro at work (satellite headend) but Pro-HD at home and only 1 iPad2. Or can I have two versions of Slingbox app on iPad?

  5. The iphone app works with old hardware, but the ipad app does not.

    You can use the iphone app on your ipad, and you can have them both installed simultaneously.

  6. Whats about new hardware? I still have the AV, but dont want to buy the HD that is already 3-4 years old.

  7. Thanks Rodalpho! Bought the iPad version, but no time to setup Pro-HD prior to trip (story of my life!). Also bought Android phone version – wondering if it will work with all (classic, 2 Pros, and Pro-HD)?

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